Assists that did not repeat


👍 Assists that did not repeat

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  • Asher TKF
    Asher TKF2 часа назад


  • KlintonCRM
    KlintonCRMДень назад

    “Assists that did not repeat “ Video: same type of assist over and over

  • Christopher Bond
    Christopher BondДень назад

    Why isn't the person who made the assist the one that's celebrated, in soccer? Like the one who made the goal wouldntve made it without the awareness of the assist maker

  • Edoardo Bellia
    Edoardo Bellia2 дня назад

    Quello di Torres è clamoroso

  • E V E R
    E V E R5 дней назад

  • Viktor Dimitrov
    Viktor Dimitrov5 дней назад


  • Manuel Cruz
    Manuel Cruz6 дней назад

    Dejen de pedir balón adelantado y jueguen animales, si el arbitro no lo marca, ustedes que pueden hacer? Ya se parecen a la selección Mexicana

  • Luca
    Luca6 дней назад

    7:43... Dominic Toretto

  • Eco Palo's
    Eco Palo's6 дней назад

    Mago Valdivia hace mejores pases gol que todos los que vi... Saludos cordiales

  • Fabio Giordano
    Fabio Giordano7 дней назад

    Pirlo su Grosso????

  • Nicholas Walmsley
    Nicholas Walmsley7 дней назад

    1:23 can someone tell me how that was amazing?

    ALVARO ASTETE8 дней назад

    Falto el gol de marcelo salas a englaterra pase coto sierra 🇨🇱

    LEONARDO FRANCHI9 дней назад

    Miss the assist of Nicolò Barella vs Real Madrid

  • jhonatan villalba
    jhonatan villalba9 дней назад


  • Gabriel Sebastian Huamán López
    Gabriel Sebastian Huamán López10 дней назад

    Faltaba la de Chicharito que se asistio solo xd

  • Esteban Calderón Saavedra
    Esteban Calderón Saavedra11 дней назад

    Y valdivia? Sánchez?

  • F.Feliciano
    F.Feliciano11 дней назад

    faltou Léo Lima de trivela em 2003

    HEROTEAMSPAIN - PM24FIT12 дней назад

    falta la de Guti (Real Madrid - Deportivo)

  • Ell Torn
    Ell Torn14 дней назад

    Great vid complete with absolute ear cancer music, seriously what is it about football fans and shit music taste?

    L.S PAREDÃO14 дней назад

    ""Se Você tirou 1 segundo para ler essa mensagem mas jamais irei desisti de corre atrás do meu sonhos.🙇‍♂️️❤️❤️❤️

  • J D
    J D15 дней назад

    Quaresma : All skills no heart

  • ulises cordoba
    ulises cordoba15 дней назад

    Falto riquelme

  • willowin
    willowin15 дней назад

    Didn't even start watching it - I can say that it will be amazing ♥☻

  • Cliff Richmond
    Cliff Richmond16 дней назад

    The aspiring income realistically answer because carbon selectively suspect barring a hurried timpani. auspicious, hulking grouse

  • Nickel de la cruz
    Nickel de la cruz16 дней назад

    6:25 genial paul scholes

  • SIE Bend Studio
    SIE Bend Studio16 дней назад

    Agüero, Berbatov, Dinho, Torres, Totti, Quaresma assist are wow✔

  • Evo Gaming
    Evo Gaming16 дней назад


  • Steven Yiming Zhang
    Steven Yiming Zhang17 дней назад

    where is gutti?

    SASMENSCH 1.017 дней назад

    Oh,a video about Özil.

  • Kamal BARKATOU
    Kamal BARKATOU17 дней назад

    This is missing R. Carlos lob pass to Zidane in CL finals against Bayern Leverkusen.

  • Ozzie Archangel
    Ozzie Archangel17 дней назад

    Barca barca barca. So many plays by them. Best generation ever best dynasty ever which will not be repeated. Fun decade to be a football fan for sure

  • Patrick Peh
    Patrick Peh17 дней назад

    The Özil assist for Arsenal against Liverpool is missing 👌🏻

  • Juan42
    Juan4217 дней назад

    And Riquelme? Play tennis?

  • Bruno Fernandes
    Bruno Fernandes17 дней назад

    De bruyne?

  • Yuli
    Yuli17 дней назад

    1:08 FIFA 2030 gameplay

  • Pellerossa
    Pellerossa18 дней назад

    First song name pls?

  • el diablo
    el diablo18 дней назад

    How have you NOT involved Guti? I swear he has the craziest assists

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin18 дней назад

    Wait...there is no Guti-Benzema assist. Dislike.

  • Илья Фоменко
    Илья Фоменко18 дней назад

    The known death predominantly dare because soil proportionately reign on a angry lock. lyrical, helpless cent

  • Sergio Carter
    Sergio Carter18 дней назад

    Pura magia....

    ENJOYS TV18 дней назад

    Ozil the best

  • Douglas Santos
    Douglas Santos18 дней назад

    Tem umas assistências realmente geniais, e que muito provavelmente possam ser que que não voltem a ocorrer. Já tem algumas outras que deram uma exagerada para possivelmente deixar o vídeo mais preenchido. Exemplo: A passe/assistência do Roberto Carlos. Que embora tenha sido um grandíssimo jogador, é uma assistência bem comum.

  • juan gustavo
    juan gustavo18 дней назад

    Mano que chapuleta foi aquela pracima do gremio

  • Marcio Giuseppe
    Marcio Giuseppe19 дней назад

    that Ronaldinho assist is the most beautiful the world will ever see.....damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Anderson Stolf
    Anderson Stolf19 дней назад

    Assistência no meu p0l não suportam ne

    SPANKASCCP19 дней назад

    Cade a do guti q ele mete de calcanhar? A melhor de todas faltou

  • Seétlinfoo
    Seétlinfoo19 дней назад

    Gutinin asisti vardi benzemaya onu bekledim ama cikmadi

  • The Little Pikachu
    The Little Pikachu19 дней назад

    5 star for music.

  • Rhinoceros
    Rhinoceros20 дней назад

    Ronaldinho there, just casually playing an inch perfect through ball off his back. They don't make them like him anymore.

  • Santiago Martinez
    Santiago Martinez20 дней назад

    Busca Juan Roman Riquelme SportsHd

  • Kandemir Ormanürünleri
    Kandemir Ormanürünleri21 день назад


  • dodekaedius
    dodekaedius21 день назад

    Missing Raul and Draxler at Schalke

  • Onur Sumer
    Onur Sumer21 день назад

    1:25 ozil is god

  • Luis M. Mercado
    Luis M. Mercado22 дня назад

    Title: Assist that did not repeat I proceed to see 20 equal assists...

  • Coco die Witte
    Coco die Witte22 дня назад

    Reaction of Davies and Alves: GOLD.

  • Luis Rios Castro
    Luis Rios Castro22 дня назад

    Que jugadas tan maravillosas y magnificos jugadores.

  • LB - Music
    LB - Music22 дня назад

    The best one was the first one

  • Владимир Шишкин
    Владимир Шишкин23 дня назад

    А в России как всегда, не благоприятные погодные условия

  • PotatoMC
    PotatoMC23 дня назад

    Man I miss 2010. Spanish teams were nuts, English teams were so clever, and German teams were... German

  • masis Tarakdjian

    masis Tarakdjian

    17 дней назад

    And inter ?

  • Conor McCann

    Conor McCann

    19 дней назад

    And also Man City were shit

  • Maynx Itz

    Maynx Itz

    20 дней назад

    Bro you forgot an italian team was at the top 🤣

  • Stephen Quinn
    Stephen Quinn23 дня назад

    Busquets to Messi better be on the list

  • COSTINIUC Alex - CA7
    COSTINIUC Alex - CA724 дня назад


  • Robbie Saleh
    Robbie Saleh24 дня назад


  • Nicolas Cantero
    Nicolas Cantero25 дней назад

    Y Riquelme?

  • Wil Vargas
    Wil Vargas25 дней назад

    0:03 Bruxo !!!

  • Thomas Sacrato
    Thomas Sacrato25 дней назад

    Where is Bergkamp?!

  • Aziz Bendriouech
    Aziz Bendriouech26 дней назад

    Pourquoi cette musique de merde ki casse tête

  • Colm Hall
    Colm Hall27 дней назад

    That Roberto Carlos assist is a cross which is then headed in by the striker (one of the last goals in the video). Is this the only headed goal that has ever been scored from a cross? I presume so, but this is the first time I have ever watched football in my life. Could someone who has watched more football than this video confirm if this is the case?

  • Thiago silva
    Thiago silva27 дней назад

    Uma ou outra foi diferenciada as outras tudo comum 👎

  • Yoel c
    Yoel c28 дней назад

    No pusiste nada de Riquelme, no entendes nada de futbol.

  • Fofa Kitty
    Fofa Kitty28 дней назад

    Que "TALVEZ" não se repetirão...

  • Fernando Ruiz FR7
    Fernando Ruiz FR728 дней назад

    la de Iniesta del min. 1:17 no me parece tan asombrosa

  • Fanmades Mv
    Fanmades Mv28 дней назад

    Man this song sucks

  • Б . ИСЛАМ
    Б . ИСЛАМ28 дней назад


  • Septerrianin
    Septerrianin29 дней назад

    Видео о неповторимых ассистах, в котором половина ассистов практически одинаковые :D

  • Linos Greco
    Linos Greco29 дней назад


  • Igor Caldeira
    Igor CaldeiraМесяц назад

    3:30 👏

  • David Gaitan
    David GaitanМесяц назад

    poneme la de roman en la final de la intercontinental contra real madrid!! botón

  • petrusca shiviku
    petrusca shivikuМесяц назад

    Giroud and wilshere against Norwich will always be the best..🔥 But you are a hater

  • reda gouriny
    reda gourinyМесяц назад

    few of these assists were ment the others were by luck

  • X Clan
    X ClanМесяц назад

    Sialmas - Skoufalis 2010 - 2011 Greek Division B

  • Dont trade on me
    Dont trade on meМесяц назад

    Que buen video!! Una pregunta, que música es esa? 0:40 Me gustaría descargarla por favor.

  • GuilloteSvD
    GuilloteSvDМесяц назад

    Muy buenas, pero faltan muuuuchas asistencias increibles de Diego, busquen en el Napoli

  • 3109Pedro
    3109PedroМесяц назад

    where is the best one of all times? Guti to Benzema

  • rodrigo valenzuela
    rodrigo valenzuelaМесяц назад

    yo entiendo que el futbol en europa este lleno de dolares....pero las asistencias rey son aca...en sudamerica...todos los fines de semana, sobre todo en brasil y argentina....

  • V. César
    V. CésarМесяц назад

    Man.. Ronaldinho is amazing

  • Bertrand Qualo
    Bertrand QualoМесяц назад

    What Ronaldinio did was almost unthinkable but it worked gosh no one saw it coming

  • mpsgoncalves
    mpsgoncalvesМесяц назад

    I Just would add this one Pablo Aimar to Suazo in a Benfica game... Second goal in this video ..

  • Kokian Murcia
    Kokian MurciaМесяц назад

    quítale la música

  • siallo nasir
    siallo nasirМесяц назад

    Good but didn’t see Beckham assists Campbell against France

  • Roberto Barlocci
    Roberto BarlocciМесяц назад

    Totti the best assit man

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel RomeroМесяц назад

    Juan roman Riquelme a Perez

  • МИГ-28 noname
    МИГ-28 nonameМесяц назад

    tasty )

  • Boris Vanegas Fabregas
    Boris Vanegas FabregasМесяц назад

    José María guti

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce LeeМесяц назад

    Es una verdadera falta de respeto que no esté ni una sola asistencia del mejor pasador de la historia, me parece una verdadera falta de respeto que no esté ningún gol tampoco del mejor jugador de la historia, de Messi

  • Hazel Eye
    Hazel EyeМесяц назад

    0:20 Henry bienvenu from Esperance de tunis did this one against Setif in champions league

  • Jeune Uchiha
    Jeune UchihaМесяц назад

    1:10 I love when Messi knows the ball isn’t for him It happened in other moments

  • Marquin o Faixa
    Marquin o FaixaМесяц назад


  • Leo
    LeoМесяц назад

    nothing pisses me off more than when the player who received the assist goes off celebrating without acknowledging the player who made the goal.

  • Rikitbok Kharbani
    Rikitbok KharbaniМесяц назад

    you forget di maria vs barcelona and score by christiano ronaldo

  • Javier Bescós
    Javier BescósМесяц назад

    Missing Guti to Benzema. Amazing assistance.