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  • Davvy Chappy
    Davvy ChappyМесяц назад

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  • Mind Flux

    Mind Flux

    Месяц назад


  • Fake Name

    Fake Name

    Месяц назад

    Yo why didn't you use more art from strixhaven?

  • JessJackdaw


    Месяц назад

    This was so good, Davvy, but I'm gonna need some fire resistance if you're gonna close with that sick burn. XD

  • Marcus


    Месяц назад

    why do I enjoy your ad voice so much

  • Gaufridus of the fire
    Gaufridus of the fire11 дней назад

    It's ok, the magic set the lore hold is based on is even more a mess of disjointed garbage.

  • Sparrow Hawk
    Sparrow HawkМесяц назад

    I keep hearing “polyamorous subclasses” Ps: So you did say polyamorous! I thought I was loosing my mind

  • TiltOut
    TiltOutМесяц назад

    can you link where some of the pictures you used in each video are cause id love to use them for my OC boards that help me with outlining the characters style and appearance, its always nice to give credit to out artist friends too! but ty lovely video as always

  • Riesenfriese
    RiesenfrieseМесяц назад

    Loreholds Lv10 ability is stupidly OP. Being abled to double the entire partys damage output for up to four rounds is just dumb.

  • Tony F.
    Tony F.Месяц назад

    1:35 Is that...a mushroom brandishing a knife?

  • RPGChronicler
    RPGChroniclerМесяц назад

    Whilst the actual UA itself is conflicting (Yay mages get love, but oof to artificers, half casters and martials), Wizards may have given homebrewers a new way to provides features that are class agnostic (heck i wont be surprised if this inspired someone to make guild-exclusive features that can either replace or heck even stack on top of exiating class features). If im gonna be honest though, another MTG crossover seems to be too much for some and i cant blame them.

  • peter burczyk
    peter burczykМесяц назад

    I could probably make a warlock with an archmage patron with these

  • spacepillow
    spacepillowМесяц назад

    I don't like it, honestly. These don't really synergize with the base class out of virtue of being available to everyone

  • alex santos
    alex santosМесяц назад

    I love this unearthed arcana so much. Imagine this but with the 10 guilds of ravinca, like paladins and clerics sharing a boros subclass or wizards and artificers sharing a izzet subclass that would be so cool

  • IT WAS I, DIO!!!
    IT WAS I, DIO!!!Месяц назад

    Pokemon Trainer is an actual class now? Take my money.

  • Some Dude
    Some DudeМесяц назад

    When I first read the math wizard the first character that came to mind was the Zach Galifianakis numbers meme that was just very slippery (via some sort of lubricant or just sweat because he’s a big guy).

  • olk sp
    olk spМесяц назад

    Link to new UA dnd.wizards.com/articles/unearthed-arcana/strixhaven

  • 17joren
    17jorenМесяц назад

    What’s even weirder about Silverquill is that it’s an MTG thing and they already made the Bard college of Eloquence for MTG Theros setting that is literally the “talk good” class… so not only is MTG stepping on its own toes here, you should just pick eloquence for your rhetoric character concept.

  • Naz
    NazМесяц назад

    I like Witherbloom, honestly.

  • ciarzy
    ciarzyМесяц назад

    Especially the WIZARD

  • Samantha benedetti
    Samantha benedettiМесяц назад

    Btw the ‘element’ school as you kept calling it is actually themed around expressing yourself, which makes it real funny that bards can’t pick it

  • Mada Notap
    Mada NotapМесяц назад

    Maybe I’m being weird, but as much as I love the warlock, it’s inclusion in this group feels… weird. Like, they formed a pact with an eldritch being, trading their services for the power they need to achieve their ends… and said eldritch being told then to go to school?

  • Mada Notap

    Mada Notap

    Месяц назад

    @TheGuileRaven I am fully aware of how doctor strange works, it was a hypothetical related to this situation with the dnd warlock. Hypothetically speaking, if we had two students at this school in the same subclass at the same level, but one is a warlock and the other isn’t, then one of them, then one of them paid the usually quite steep cost in dnd lore in exchange for almost exactly the same powers that their classmate got for free. Again, it makes sense if you replace the warlock with a bard or a druid because they didn’t have to pay a price for their powers either but a warlock did pay for seemingly no benefit

  • TheGuileRaven


    Месяц назад

    @Mada Notap Warlocks gain knowledge and power related to their patron. It doesn’t come with an inherent access to the various schools of magic to the same degree as a properly studied wizard. Just look at the sheer difference in the amount of spells Warlocks gain in comparison to Wizards. Doctor Strange’s level of power and position as Sorcerer Supreme isn’t something that can be accomplished with just studying or just the power bestowed by the Vishanti. It takes both. This isn’t a hard concept to understand... Strange has powers directly bestowed by the Vishanti, but his knowledge allows him to cast spells unrelated to the Vishanti and their sphere of influence. If a Warlock makes a pact with a fire demon, they gain all sorts of fire and fiend related powers, but if they want the versatility of a wizard they’d still need to study magic properly.

  • Mada Notap

    Mada Notap

    Месяц назад

    @TheGuileRaven I mean, this is true in other settings, but the dnd warlock is very specific about how the contract works, with knowledge being the first motivation listed for taking a pact in the first place, if the vishanti were capable of showing doctor strange exactly how their magic works and how to use it then the reading and books wouldn’t be as necessary as they are, and similarly, if there was a second doctor strange who lived with the first one and did the exact same studying without any of the vishanti influence but got more or less the same powers anyway, it would similarly beg the question of why the first doctor strange is bothering with the vishanti.

  • TheGuileRaven


    Месяц назад

    ​@Mada Notap In this scenario, the person is being granted power from a patron, which they are then combining with their technical/scientific knowledge of magical systems as a whole. Powers granted by patrons tend to be directly related to the patron's domain/sphere of influence. Not every patron grants the full versatility of a wizard, the latter usually takes independent study. Furthermore, in many settings, forming contracts with various entities is a natural part of the magic system as a whole. Take Doctor Strange, for example. He's a wizard. He studies magic as a science and is a keeper of all sorts of mystical knowledge. However, he is also empowered by entities known as the Vishanti, who grant special powers for his position as Sorcerer Supreme. One of my biggest issues with D&D is how incompatible wizards are with sorcerers and warlocks. Wizardry is the study of magic as a whole. Just because someone has an innate bloodline or contract with an entity, doesn't mean they no longer have need of studying magic. In fact, I would imagine wizard family that has been around for generations, would b e the MOST likely to either have formed some sort of bloodline magic or close relationship with a patron entity.

  • Mada Notap

    Mada Notap

    Месяц назад

    @TheGuileRaven Right, but even in that scenario… where is the power coming from? If it’s coming from the patron, why are they going to magic school? If it’s coming from the magic school, what’s the patron doing to earn your side of the bargain? All the other ones it makes sense because bards can be taught better music, druids can learn more about nature and wizards… are wizards. But even if you make the argument that you need to learn how to better use your patron’s power or something… patrons can pour knowledge directly into your head, in fact that’s one of the lesser benefits, why is the patron not your teacher instead of these guys? And why make a pact in the first place that’s likely to have a terrible price if it’s the same abilities that your classmates get for free?

  • sadlobster1
    sadlobster1Месяц назад

    Since my greatest skill lies in crafting stories, Silverquill College seems more my speed

  • WildFire
    WildFireМесяц назад

    Witherbloom is my favorite of the Strixhaven subclasses. I've been wanting to make a witch-style character in DND for awhile now and along with hexblood, Witherbloom Warlock becomes an amazing flinger of curses, cures, potions and rituals i've been wanting in a DnD witch

  • willofbob
    willofbobМесяц назад

    I think the Silverquill thing is just hyperfocussed on the 'they have magic ink they can do things with' part of the lore.

  • Ixelhaine
    IxelhaineМесяц назад

    That "Quandrix" one would be interesting for Clerics, Artificers, and as weird as it sounds Bloodhunter. Bards could get extra use from it by spending Bardic Inspirations instead of the base d6....

  • V
    VМесяц назад

    What do you think this concept would look like being applied solely to or having at the primary focus being, at the very least, on melee classes. A monk, fighter, rouge, maybe a paladin or warlock train in the same school type of thing?

  • Remington Wright
    Remington WrightМесяц назад

    I sided with silver silverquill as soon as I saw the new set for magic, because I am an arms dealer, fitting you with weapons in the form of words, and this ain't a scene, it's an arms race. (Let me know if that reference wasn't cringey enough)

  • Random Bencounter
    Random BencounterМесяц назад

    Witherbloom druid sounds very appealing to me. Death is a part of nature, I could see a druid obsessing over death and decay and how it feeds back into life.

  • Jacob Baughn
    Jacob BaughnМесяц назад

    Saga Edition's talent tree system was one of the best things to happen to character diversity and it's tragic that the rest of the d20 world didn't listen until now. ... Fight me.

  • PirateDragonTurtle
    PirateDragonTurtleМесяц назад

    Gonna play a mousefolk electric sorcerer

  • ?????
    ?????Месяц назад

    These are prestige classes. Which is awesome

  • Erik Williams
    Erik WilliamsМесяц назад

    get your Magic outta my D&D! wait......

  • Alexander Chippel
    Alexander ChippelМесяц назад

    I don't think think this new system works. It's too incongruent with how 5e works and had worked for the past 7ish years.

  • InvertedGhost Games
    InvertedGhost GamesМесяц назад

    So what I'm hearing is that the Izzet colored school of Prismari is the best, as Izzet themed things usually are. Neat.

  • Demonologist
    DemonologistМесяц назад

    As an mtg player Silverquill is the summoner class and they can't summon their ink monsters in d&d. It pisses me off.

  • James Lucrative
    James LucrativeМесяц назад

    You know what would have been easier? The color pie as alignment. Got a friend who looooves magic, notices I act mono black showing sympathy to blue and red respectively, gf acts green/red. We'd make a commander plan together and I go off the plan to put every player in a bind unable to cast anything and she'd be like HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO WIN and I do my heath ledger gamer voice "it's not about the win condition, it's about sending a message, everything burns"

  • evan molloy
    evan molloyМесяц назад

    Davvy so can you do us all a favor and take like two to three minutes to add a link in a pined comment to where you found this as it be alot easier to find then having go look for it blindly

  • Defensive Kobra
    Defensive KobraМесяц назад

    I wish we could return to the int-based warlock the way it was in 4e, the way it was in the 5e playtests and the way it nearly was in 5e proper. The cha warlock has it's own charm and all, but the fluff text feels like it more closely aligns with intelegence as your core stat, and it would work really nicely with this UA mechanically. If you as a witherbloom warlock want to collect venom from your imp or psudodragon for Bonus Poison, it's a intelegence (nature) check you need to make, the sage spirit boosts your intelegence checks, etc

  • Defensive Kobra

    Defensive Kobra

    Месяц назад

    @Archimonde259 not really, druids do not get familliars the same way a chainlock does and thus extracting poison is not really something they do often, no class feature in witherbloom requires int and there is no reason for a druid to rely on imtelegence rather than wisdom in the flavour text for the class

  • Archimonde259


    Месяц назад

    To be fair the druid is in the same boat when it comes to the Witherbloom subclass, being a Wisdom-based class

  • Werecat Author
    Werecat AuthorМесяц назад

    Broke: I hunt monsters to protect humanity Woke: owlbears taste delicious

  • L B
    L BМесяц назад

    WOTC's output rn is absolute garbage. They keep asking if they could without ever stopping to ask whether they should.

  • Rabid Adder
    Rabid AdderМесяц назад

    Hold up, bards can’t join the school full of theatre kids? Excuse me but I would like to lodge a formal complaint

  • Zach cowley
    Zach cowleyМесяц назад

    I love this concept of subclasses not tied main class. I also agree that psionics would be great for this. The soul knife would be so damn fun to tie to a monk or fighter, or even barbarian, instead of just rogues

  • Smatt91
    Smatt91Месяц назад

    I really like Witherbloom, but there are a couple of questions I have about the whole thing that bother me a bit: 1. Lets say I'm a level 6 Moon Druid and I multiclass into Warlock with the Witherbloom School, Since both are compatible with the school Would I pick the Level 6 Witherbloom feature instead of the Warlocks patron feature? 2. If that same Druid instead took the level one feature: Essence Tap, and then Wildshaped into a Brown Bear would he use the Bear's Hit Dice when using Overgrowth? (d10+Spell Mod instead of d8?)

  • Lazysupermutant
    LazysupermutantМесяц назад

    "I feel like they're just making content to full a qutoa" *shudders in 3.5*

  • Itachi45481
    Itachi45481Месяц назад

    well these as a magic player is great but i do agree this should not be how subclasses going forward its for a mtg setting subclasses here are meant for if u want 3 Gryffindor's while all being different

  • Cameron Pearce
    Cameron PearceМесяц назад

    I wanna play a Witherbloom Wizard tho, amping up that Witch vibe

  • Cameron Pearce
    Cameron PearceМесяц назад

    Oooo good call on the Psionics, this could work SUPER well for that

    AMPMASTER10Месяц назад

    Is it me or would a Magic the Gathering ttrpg work better if it had a new system instead of using Dnd. The lore for Magic in MtG works way different the DnD lore. They fight way different too. Not only is nearly everyone a magic user or using a suped up magic weapon they have SUMMON magic. A single mage can summon a bunch of weaker creatures or soldiers in a instant or summon a big mean one instead, in ONE turn of combat. MtG is basically Pokemon if the trainers could also use powers and fight by their Pokemon. Oh and its all for keeps. Dnd just doesn't feel like it works well with it.

  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc91Месяц назад

    The lorehold healer spirit can not heal. I read the fine print. (Grants THP).

  • Tony F.
    Tony F.Месяц назад

    Agreed on Prismari: it knows exactly what it wants to be; and executes it well. I love the elemental bonus-action “Dash”, and will very likely be abusing that “zapping” effect for lightning damage. Dexterity Saving Throw proficiency WITH “Reliable Talent” is just the coup de grace. Quandrix just seems like fun…that teleporting ability is what I wanted out of the Conjuration tradition…like a Banishment-lite spell mixed with a Portal Gun. Good for squishy Wizards. The whole “hack reality” is an interesting concept, too.

  • Legend unfound1
    Legend unfound1Месяц назад

    1:51 looks like our davvy savvy boy

  • Jinx Jade
    Jinx JadeМесяц назад

    I really don’t feel like the Witherbloom’s super mode is good enough to justify being limited use. Burning hit dice to heal is pretty bad since you only get half of them back on a long rest and making damage necrotic isn’t that big a boon for the Warlock or Druid. The Warlock’s bread and butter is force damage and the Druid gets off most of its damage with summons who’s damage type you can’t change by the wording of the feature.

  • David Hollowell, Jr
    David Hollowell, JrМесяц назад

    I was so hyped to hear about this because a magic college plane sourcebook is exactly what I need to live my fabulous Magicians-themed RPG dreams

  • Lauren Bastin
    Lauren BastinМесяц назад

    e x c e p t i o n a l l y t h e e n c h a n t e r

  • Olimar92
    Olimar92Месяц назад

    And the major issue of these also needing to somehow be balanced across classes isn't addressed? I can see why Lorehold stopped with the companion at 6. None of the options available to the Bard could build beyond that since it only gets 3 subclass features.

  • ZetaNiGHT
    ZetaNiGHTМесяц назад


  • Mr Maiq
    Mr MaiqМесяц назад

    reroll successful saves dont expend a use unless the spell fails? Sounds like an ability SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO FIGHT LEGENDARY RESISTANCE AND MAGIC RESISTENCE. Also sounds broken. But also many subclasses have counter synergy with the class that gets them for example silverquill has an ability that is refreshed when you use a spell slot of first level or higher but warlocks have a much harder time with that and their 2-3 spell slots all of max level than wizards with that many first levels PLUS the rest of their spells and arcane recovery. And witherbloom is available to druids and warlocks and keys off of necrotic and healing when one class has one, the other has the other, and neither have both, and also it offers herbalism proficiency which druids already get. It's very difficult to make a polyamorous subclass that synergizes properly with every class that can get them, and at least one class suffers for it. Also sorcerer subclasses generally offer more power than wizard subclasses, and subclasses available to both result in a way more powerful wizard than a sorcerer. Making a subclass for each class is very different and there are a lot of problems with the format.

  • LightPhoenix7000
    LightPhoenix7000Месяц назад

    Four out of ten

  • pyrosianheir
    pyrosianheirМесяц назад

    Haven't heard about the rest, and the Prismari is already my favorite.

  • Ian anator
    Ian anatorМесяц назад

    So 5e just continues to wholesale steal shit from Pathfinder 2e. Awesome

  • Lucas Deconninck
    Lucas DeconninckМесяц назад

    Quite interesting how you've use a lot of MtG art yet none comes from Strixhaven!

  • Zedrin
    ZedrinМесяц назад

    I'm not too crazy about this homebrew. The options just don't feel that exciting, and there's the issue as well of synergizing *too* well with some classes like you mentioned. Maybe it's cause I'm not into MTG. That said, they do remind me a bit of the archetype system from PF/Starfinder. If they didn't have to be selected immediately and instead could replace individual levels, that might be interesting. E.g. level 1 you take celestial warlock, and level 6 you instead opt to take the Lorehold subclass option instead of your celestial warlock features. Obviously that's not what they did here, but it could've been a cool options to be able to replace just SOME of your subclass features instead of taking an entirely new subclass.

  • Vinx .909
    Vinx .909Месяц назад

    GODF*CKINGDAMNIT WHY IS EVERYONE PROMOTING THIS AMAZING KICKSTARTER I CAN'T BACK BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!! sorry. getting slightly miffed that kickstarted doesn't support something like ideal of paypal.

  • Erik Stadnik
    Erik StadnikМесяц назад

    TERF warfare...ICU

  • Traceable
    TraceableМесяц назад

    I wish mage of quandrix was an artificer subclass instead of a sorcerer subclass. I mean artificer is an intelligence spell caster for Pete’s sake

  • SpiritAndSteel
    SpiritAndSteelМесяц назад

    "as an act of terf warfare" made me choke. Legendary, good sir.

  • Ryu D
    Ryu DМесяц назад

    Thank you for the video.

  • Alvin Shaw Jr.
    Alvin Shaw Jr.Месяц назад

    They all sound good. Can't trust that UA tho.

  • Renzo Mayo
    Renzo MayoМесяц назад

    This really reminds me of prestige classes. Plus having subclasses themed around an organization lets you reflavour this UA for your own compaign as what a unique magical organization would feel like in your own game. All of this sounds really fun and exciting 😄

  • TheCeekon
    TheCeekonМесяц назад

    I sincerely hope we get something like this for Psionics... they were a really cool idea and the UA subclasses based around Psionics feel weirdly out of place.

  • two LATE
    two LATEМесяц назад

    I kind a hate these subclasses

  • Madlyaza1
    Madlyaza1Месяц назад

    witherbloom is really cool in my opinion, i have been planning to make a fairy character (a homebrew race which is ACTUALLY tiny instead of the child sized UA fairy) and i think witherbloom would be sick for it

  • ToonEzon
    ToonEzonМесяц назад

    my necromancer once dug up a spelljammer pilot to ask him what his favorite soup was. his answer, Wife Soup. turns out he was a cannibal who also thought he was a leaf that could float on the wind, so make of that what you will

  • Andile Mathanda
    Andile MathandaМесяц назад

    Prismari really needs a way to make wizard and sorcerer less squishy if it wants them to move in and out melee thag often especially since the ice and fire bonus actions still trigger opportunity attacks which.

  • ToonEzon
    ToonEzonМесяц назад

    so the strixhaven thing sounds like a prestige class thing

  • Ricto Ectol
    Ricto EctolМесяц назад

    6:29 wouldn’t that added to an eloquence Bard more unbeatable?

  • Kane Reuter
    Kane ReuterМесяц назад

    The multi-class subclass was a concept like 3 years ago in UA? People quickly figured out that only a select few classes were compatible because of all the differing levels (and frequency) they get features and the relative strength difference between them. But what i would like to see is a multi-class conversion of some existing subclasses

  • DM -entores
    DM -entoresМесяц назад

    Interesting i made about a year ago subclass like that of the first school in the video which i called "The School of Animation" for the Wizard, which was roleplay heavy that focused on manipulating and giving life to objects for the purpose of archeology. Talking to ancient relics and know about the past story that does not need necessary to be about magic, its more like magic is a mean to get that historical knowledge, and that information is the really interest of this guy who learned magical tools to ask to a T-Rex fossil about what actually made them extinct. Also you could make a construct to switch sides and give it a personality, and also bring someones sword into life and make it attack its owner for being a bad user.

  • jackal242
    jackal242Месяц назад

    2:45 I think you misused the word "polyamorous". "Polyamorous" means having multiple partners in a relationship. Okay - I see what you tried to do there, but i don't think that's the right word for it.

  • Nope This Google Change is Dumb
    Nope This Google Change is DumbМесяц назад

    Lorehold is less book keeper and way more Indiana Jones school. That might be why there abilities feel disjointed.

  • Thomas Riddle
    Thomas RiddleМесяц назад

    Interesting stuff, I would like to see this expanded upon. A subclass for fighter rogue or monk would be cool

  • Arkham Creed
    Arkham CreedМесяц назад

    Unrelated to anything; where did you get the artwork at 7:03? That'd make a character character reference for a friend of mine.

  • companyoflosers
    companyoflosersМесяц назад

    just an fyi for people who like the whole hunting monsters, harvesting them and crafting things, a resource for this has already been out forever now. Hamund's harvesting handbook is on DM's guild and has 3 volumes giving you tables and mechanics for the everything from the monster, manual, volo's guide and mordekainen's tome of foes, each volume covering one of those books. the heliana book looks neat and is great if you want new monsters, but i feel like the older resource deserves an honorable mention. haunds harvesting handbook does not have a physical books you can buy though, its digital only. Didnt stop me from printing out my own personal copies using a printing service, with the writer's permission of course.

  • Carson Rush
    Carson RushМесяц назад

    The Quandrix school has a really cool reality warping vibe about it, with some cool quantum/ spatial effects. With haste, freedom of movement, passwall, and their pseudo-incorporeal capstone, these guys are slippery little dastards. They manipulate earth, water, to their will, as well as the size, injuries, and skills of living creatures. They can warp magic and probability to their will (first feature and circle of power). They're pretty well made.

  • Gage Baumgard
    Gage BaumgardМесяц назад

    I don't like the idea of these subclasses. They're complicating the game too much lately, and it's going to kill 5e

  • Carson Rush
    Carson RushМесяц назад

    The Lorehold school give me a historian dungeon delver from their spells and abilities. Half of their spells are very exploration themed. They should probably elaborate on the themes of exploring history by communing with spirits, and delving into dangerous/ ancient ruins, and manipulating time itself.

  • Aaron Sirkman

    Aaron Sirkman

    Месяц назад

    From what I've seen of the Strixhaven set, you are absolutely correct.

  • Fidel


    Месяц назад

    Yep. I found it rather fun and appropriate, cause I was recently making a character with the main theme of "Archeologist Transmutation Wizard fond of adventure" and the subclass fits quite well thematically and in some abilities

  • JJ himself
    JJ himselfМесяц назад

    Sounds like this UA is starting to take after the footsteps of Pathfinder 2E

  • James Taylor
    James TaylorМесяц назад

    It took me a while to figure out the magic art on screen didn't necessarily correspond with the magic colours for that college

  • Joseph Rizzo
    Joseph RizzoМесяц назад

    Witherbloom aka Golgari 2.0

  • Greenegg
    GreeneggМесяц назад

    So do these mean you can create a warlock without a patron?

  • Daykiller01
    Daykiller01Месяц назад

    Yes! I Love Strixhaven! It's the reason I started playing again!

  • Samuel Azzaro
    Samuel AzzaroМесяц назад

    Davvy, you got my hopes up with that art for a Jerk wizard subclass.......please don't give me hope

  • Samuel Azzaro
    Samuel AzzaroМесяц назад

    Oh great......another MTG crossover book.......does this make like 4 now? Look, WoTC..........I don't mind you doing cross promotion......but can you please just do it the right way? Think about it, MTG is a game with thousands of unique creatures and items.......make a new MTG themed monster and item book, and keep the class/race books centered around stuff inspired by old dnd. That way, you create books that non-magic the gathering enthusiasts are more likely to buy because sh*t ton of new creatures is sh*t ton of new creatures.

  • Samuel Azzaro
    Samuel AzzaroМесяц назад

    Honestly, I'd prefer if they just went back, looked over all the subclasses (and other stuff) they've made thus far and tweak them to incorporate elements of the more recent subclasses that really work, like giving all sorcerer sub classes tasha's style inate spells. Basically, I feel like they should fix up that content currently lacking before throwing more in. For example, can we please change vicious mockery into a spell with higher damage or give bards the mind sliver cantrip? Or rethink some of the max level class abilities that just really are pathetic when compared to those given to say, the barbarian or druid.

  • Slizard Wizard

    Slizard Wizard

    Месяц назад

    Yeah, I'm not a fan of this mess. WotC should just do a massive errata* to the PHB to amend a lot of the problems they already have. *I'm sure many would say the expansion books and UA are in some way massive errata, but really they tend to add new problems without fixing old ones. For instance, aarakocra let players fly at level one. That was such a balancing problem that Adventurers League didn't let you do it until tier 2. One of my players is a warforged so the phrase "I don't need to sleep/eat/drink/breathe" has become his personal "I have darkvision." Another example that comes to mind is how an Arcane Archer's Arcane Shot ability should scale the same way as a Battle Master's Maneuvers. Then you can start with 4 uses and have 6 at lvl 15 instead of just 2 with a dozen options you can never fully benefit from. If they're worried about balancing, just like the maneuvers, scale the damage down to a d8 instead of 2d6 that doubles at a level most campaigns never reach.

  • Rasmus Juul Svendsen
    Rasmus Juul SvendsenМесяц назад

    The Lorehold subclass's first feature feels very Lorehold to me. Their all about reanimating past figures' spirits for knowledge and fighting alongside spirits, so reanimating a spirit as your companion makes a lot of sense to me. But the time focus on the last feature feels very off, because they very specifically are NOT chronomancers, they don't have any time manipulation. The Prismari one is the most disappointing to me, as an MTG-player. Prismari is all about spectacle, about making huge expressive performances using elementals, which in MTG equated them using high cost impactful spells, often summoning elemental, and ways to cast them for cheap. Prismari in D&D is about mobility, elemental resistance and consistent dex saves? Other than the mobility, that doesn't feel Prismari to me. Evocation wizard arguably feels more Prismari than this. As a Quandrix fan, I'm reasonably happy about the Quandrix subclass, though possibly giving it something even more mathy could have worked too. Silverquill I like. SIlvery Bards fits with both the demoralizing and inspiring part of Silverquill, Inky Shroud is how they manifest the fact, that Silverquill summon Inklings and use ink-based magic a lot. And the rest just improves the demoralize/inspire part of Silverquill. I feel they did a good job showing the life force manipulation that Witherbloom is depend on, so good job there. And it's even the only one that is available to both of the types of casters that use it in MTG, Warlocks and Druids. Lorehold has Clerics/Shamans, Prismari has Shamans/Wizards, Quandrix has Wizards/Druids and Silverquill has Clerics/Warlocks.

    NANCOKМесяц назад

    That thumbnail... Magic, man.

  • Dark_Styx
    Dark_StyxМесяц назад

    My opinion on the classes: Lorehold is broken because of the statue. It's another full character with stupid amounts of temp HP that puts the twilight cleric to shame. Prismari wants your Sorcerer, Druid or Wizard to stand in melee range for some reason, but they still have to take opportunity attacks if they want to use fire and ice and the subclass doesn't even make them that good in melee. Quandrix gets Inspiration and cutting words for free, but it's otherwise fine. Silverquill gets the Rune Knights Runic shield at level 1, but also get's to buff allies with it and isn't gated by it having to be an attack roll. 10th level feature is stupidly powerful as it doesn't even allow a save. Witherbloom is a Witch/Alchemist done right.

  • Archimonde259


    Месяц назад

    Witherbloom feels to me like it compares favorably to the Circle of Spores when it comes to making a tanky frontline druid without the usage of Combat Wild Shape. Spores tries to accomplish this by just giving the druid a boatload of extra HP and an aura that harms nearby enemies, but the aura scales awfully and damages only one enemy at a time, you don't get an extra attack but instead a woefully inadequate 1d6 *poison* (the most useless damage type in the game, yay!) damage bonus, and shitty 1hp zombies for some reason. The only feature that feels worth a damn comes online at 14th level, and to compensate for being useful, it's incredibly boring. Witherbloom doesn't give you a bunch of temp HP but comes full of ways to heal yourself to compensate. To give you some oomph in melee, you also gain access to Vampiric Touch, which you can upcast to keep up with the bruisers, and deal bonus damage with starting from 10th level. Most importantly though, you have multiple ways to support your party instead of just yourself, with Withering Vortex and Witherbloom Brew, with the jack-of-all-trades option being the Quickening, but Fortifying being a potential real standout. If you know in advance what you intend to be fighting, for example devils or a specific kind of dragon, you could potentially give your entire party resistance and absolutely cuck that enemy's damage type of choice.

  • Ross


    Месяц назад

    Yeah I was really underwhelmed with the Alchemist for Artificer (only for one reason but seeing as the reason is the actual Alchemy present in the class never scaling and being pointlessly randomised). And just seeing the potions and stuff in the Witherbloom table I'm like...??? Why didn't you just have a longer list fo elixirs like these for higher level? Or have a spread to pick from like meta magic options or battle manouvers. Didn't have to be a long one but something more than what we got after a full on reprint after the UA changed from what many people enjoyed and was disliked so much on release. There's a lot of classes and subclasses being left in the dust power wise and it's not even the older ones anymore its stuff from recent books which is just sad

  • Kitnal


    Месяц назад

    @ExeErdna na I prefer the alchemist of artificer, this is definitely a good witch class though.

  • ExeErdna


    Месяц назад

    @Joseph Williams Which is how Alchemist is supposed to feel especially if you played Pathfinder. Alec gets kinda wild, in 5e it's meh like it holds itself pointless back for "balance" reasons yet it's so "honest" it just falls over itself

  • Joseph Williams

    Joseph Williams

    Месяц назад

    Alchemist is already done right and does single target healing just as well as Witherbloom. Witherbloom’s damage is kinda crazy though

  • Fan of Most Everything
    Fan of Most EverythingМесяц назад

    WotC: Druids can enroll in Prismari but not Quandrix Me: (confused green-blue noises)

  • KDog1265


    Месяц назад

    @Jason Bolding Oh I agree with that. The fact that some of these subclasses have spells and others just have extra skill proficiencies really doesn’t balance them out that much

  • Jason Bolding

    Jason Bolding

    Месяц назад

    @KDog1265 the subclass could easily have fix that with Prismari spells instead of 2 skills

  • KDog1265


    Месяц назад

    @Jared Schilling Given the subclass’s affinity towards using elemental damaging spells and the Bard not having much in that category to work with, I can see why they weren’t an option for Prismari.

  • Jared Schilling

    Jared Schilling

    Месяц назад

    Worse when you realize that the bard class can't enroll into Prismari. You know, the class all about freedom of creative expression.

  • Dilson Camacho
    Dilson CamachoМесяц назад

    Ha, I'm 100% opposite of what you said, prismari suck midget sweaty balls, they are underpowered as hell because of all the requirements for every single one of their abilities to work properly. While all others are pretty good, strong and thematic subclasses, lorehold and silverquill being the strongest ones, being able to blow a psychic damage fireball of headache that causes everyone to be afraid is really cool.

  • Harriet R.
    Harriet R.Месяц назад

    Can we just have Psionics as a school of Magic? If it isn't actual ESP and more a Magick, why can't we make it so? If Necromancy can be a school of Magic, then why can't Psionic.

  • Adam Gadbaw
    Adam GadbawМесяц назад

    Lorehold kinda just feels like if lara croft was given a baymax

  • Bruce Maximus
    Bruce MaximusМесяц назад

    Most of the time, I'm excited for Unearthed Arcana; heck, I kept the Artificer Archivist, Of Ships and Sea, AND Into the Wild for my home game. These? I've read through them. I'm not excited for them. I'd much rather a UA where WOTC said "Okay, some of the older classes need some rehabilitation. Here's an updated, alternative, Way of the Four Elements (hint: use the Prismari Dash here), Undying Warlock, Berserker Barbarian, Order of Scribes, etc."

  • Jaxon Sellers
    Jaxon SellersМесяц назад

    I like the concept of subclasses that can be applied to multiple classes, but I feel like this implementation screws over the bard and sorcerer. Sorcerer's have to wait an extra 4 levels for both of their later feature with these and bard just straight up lose one along with not getting a unique way to use inspiration. For the most part I think they work fine for warlocks and wizards (and a lot of these feel like they started out as wizard subclasses until they were altered to fit multiple classes) and alright for druids (but losing out on an extra use for wildshape kinda sucks) but I'd rather they worked more uniform among all the classes they applied to.