ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal

Rise, Tarnished.
comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.

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  • Gromek999
    Gromek9995 дней назад

    it looks just as beautiful as I imagined

  • Edrian Vanitas

    Edrian Vanitas

    34 минуты назад

    @Thouzer Benevolent no no, Thouzer, you were doing fine, before your "Filthy casual" line, of course.

  • Ghost-Skull


    2 часа назад

    @Oxycontin. Bruh

  • Undead Stalker

    Undead Stalker

    3 часа назад

    can you imagine dark souls 4 for me pls?

  • Muhammedlee


    5 часов назад

    @TheFire1290 fair point. I am sure there will be a remastered of elden ring. Maybe even again by bluepoint

  • TheFire1290


    6 часов назад

    @Muhammedlee Not enough to avoid the game, but graphics do matter. A fun game can be made even better with better graphics, which is why remasters and remakes are so popular.

  • Lost Eden
    Lost Eden2 минуты назад

    Wow - this looks AWESOME !

  • EVPointMaster
    EVPointMaster9 минут назад

    I really appreciate that all the gameplay segments are in 60fps, so hopefully that means this game runs well

  • Tor Net
    Tor Net19 минут назад

    No preordering, no preordering, NO PREORDERING

  • Viktor Klein
    Viktor Klein27 минут назад

    These animations and graphic. It looks like game from ps3. It looks like Darkseid 2.

  • Live
    Live32 минуты назад

    Listen up dexf4gs, I'm calling you out! If you bring the whip, I'll bring the dung!

  • Pedja Migrant
    Pedja Migrant35 минут назад

    I dont need botox after watching this.

  • Christian Kneupper
    Christian Kneupper51 минуту назад

    Look at my horse my horse is amazing

  • Yonathan Asefaw
    Yonathan Asefaw54 минуты назад

    Looks terrific! Let's play this when it come out!

  • Dan
    Dan56 минут назад

    Will this creature be in the game? no, say goodbye to it forever.

  • Kuba Kondraciuk
    Kuba KondraciukЧас назад

    Lands in Between. In Between as in not in the beginning, nor at the end just... in the middle. Middle-lands. Kinda like... Middle-earth? Also, in Sillmarilion we could have find information, that before creation of the sun, the light was coming from gigantic trees. Am I the only one who see all of this? : D

  • James Mistel
    James MistelЧас назад

    George R.R. Martin - that's still not The Winds of Winter!

  • JR TecINFO
    JR TecINFOЧас назад

    Very nice Dark Souls 4

  • Sirias Lee
    Sirias LeeЧас назад

    Non vedo l’ora che Sabaku lo giochi

    TIGREXЧас назад


  • Neko Chan
    Neko ChanЧас назад

    Come on guys lets make it to 3 millions 😇

  • naitikgreyman
    naitikgreymanЧас назад

    This looks like every fromsoft game fused together into one. There's bs about lords, flames, beasts, hands, creatures, spellcasters and what not.

  • Jeff 'the gamer' Boy
    Jeff 'the gamer' BoyЧас назад

    Elden ring wait. Day: IV Month: I I forgot the third day oops.

  • Nice yeah
    Nice yeah2 часа назад

    I really hope that we are going to get some KATANAS, in this game

  • J-R
    J-R2 часа назад

    Dark souls 4 here we go

  • Blitzkrieg1605
    Blitzkrieg16052 часа назад


  • Dark Warrior
    Dark Warrior2 часа назад

    So how many times have we all watched this trailer already? 30? 40?

  • Diego Gutiérrez
    Diego Gutiérrez2 часа назад

    Now that George R. R. Martin is helping in making a exciting new game from the Master Miyazaki, imagine if this also helps him in finally writing the two books left in ASoIaF, if that ever happens... Awesome trailer. Kneeling for thy flame until it's extinguished.

  • The Oomphz
    The Oomphz2 часа назад

    Take my money and shut up!

  • Alex Dahl
    Alex Dahl3 часа назад

    2:47 Ok i just realized he has a fire breathing dragon head fused to his arm....................!

  • Yuri Shikov
    Yuri Shikov3 часа назад

    Hidetaka Miyazaki hurt us, set our asses on fire.

  • Miguel Pereida
    Miguel Pereida3 часа назад

    Will this be fos switch?

  • constant-in-pain 26

    constant-in-pain 26

    Час назад

    It will be for Ps4/5 Xbox seriesX/S/One and Pc

  • Magnum D-Pad
    Magnum D-Pad3 часа назад

    I mean it looks like more Souls which isn't a bad thing. My question is why they needed GoT man to make it.

  • Swag Jesus
    Swag Jesus3 часа назад

    I don't usually watch game trailers, or get hyped for games at all in general. But the amount of times i've re watched this trailer is unhealthy.

  • 一人でWiiz'y
    一人でWiiz'y3 часа назад

    I love you, Elden Ring/Dark Souls 4. I love.

  • Jeddonathan
    Jeddonathan3 часа назад

    Elden Ring - "Tarnished" Chronicles

  • Talaros
    Talaros3 часа назад


  • FurJitow
    FurJitow3 часа назад

    Le meilleur souls qui puissent exister !

  • Balázs Port
    Balázs Port3 часа назад

    Szerelmes lettem ebbe a játékba

  • FurJitow
    FurJitow3 часа назад

    J'ai jouie

  • A Box of Photons
    A Box of Photons3 часа назад

    One day FromSoft will release a game that doesn't look like dlc for dark souls....generic...

  • GlimmerXP
    GlimmerXP4 часа назад

    only game that matters and (stalker 2)

  • psycho mantis18
    psycho mantis184 часа назад

    Still looks really good but definitely the least enticing world I’ve yet seen from them. Too much fantasy for my taste.

  • DarkWater Stag
    DarkWater Stag4 часа назад

    Interested to see if this will be as amazing as Dark souls, Bloodborne and Sekiro..

  • EmakMuda Gamer
    EmakMuda Gamer4 часа назад

    Was thinking to buy this....but i dont thinn i can handle fighting the monsters... They all look scary.... Btw my kinda game is ac: odyssey... Any hint what open world game should i purchase next?

  • Che Voz
    Che Voz4 часа назад

    Since when are cinematic trailers considerate gameplay trailers?

  • Sangzuala Dragneel
    Sangzuala Dragneel4 часа назад

    If this gameplay mechanics is like Sekiro I doubt that my controller would survive better save some money for spare now

  • Igris
    Igris4 часа назад

    Ah, may the Difficulty Selection Debate burn again! (It already has. Gamingbible.co.uk already has an article about it) To anyone who already thinks this game needs an easy mode, _"A lowly Tarnished. Playing as a Lord. I bid thee KNEEL!"_

  • InvisFrames
    InvisFrames4 часа назад

    Miyazaki's back must be hurting after how hard he just carried E3.

  • Andrew
    Andrew5 часов назад

    The plot for elden ring reminds me of inuyasha

  • Simone Parvizi
    Simone Parvizi5 часов назад

    Dude...that's Berserk

  • jojoman
    jojoman5 часов назад

    It's been fun hollowing with everyone these past 2 years

  • The Gaming Pigeon
    The Gaming Pigeon5 часов назад

    Is it just me or does that "I command thee KNEEL!" sound like Geoffrey Rush?

  • Jhonatan Herrera
    Jhonatan Herrera5 часов назад

    Pre-order when?

  • Saint Hishino
    Saint Hishino5 часов назад

    Elden Ring, GOW Ragnarok, Horizon 2, and BOTW2. 2022 is gonna be the sequel of 2017.

  • Luise Atoll
    Luise Atoll5 часов назад

    I hope you got your graphics cards up to latest because the details will chug your pc.

  • Marcus Christoffer Pagh Martinussen
    Marcus Christoffer Pagh Martinussen5 часов назад

    This is so close to being dark souls it must be in the future after the flame returned

  • danieldeelite
    danieldeelite5 часов назад

    Can anyone tell me if the game looks any good? I'm over the age of 16.

  • Kage


    4 часа назад

    Try their games (dark souls, bloodborne and sekiro) and see if you like the style.

  • Brute Calibrée
    Brute Calibrée6 часов назад


  • Aaron
    Aaron6 часов назад

    0:57 is that the well-known pling?

  • NagikunX
    NagikunX6 часов назад

    2:29 reminds me of Duneyrr

  • Rex Firestar
    Rex Firestar6 часов назад

    Sorta reminds me of sotc but less empty

  • Thiago Taubman
    Thiago Taubman6 часов назад

    Arm daddy's voice sounds A M A Z I N G

  • Andreas Lindt
    Andreas Lindt6 часов назад


  • Andreas Lindt
    Andreas Lindt6 часов назад

    So hyped for the new NOT DARK SOULS game!

  • Andreas Lindt
    Andreas Lindt6 часов назад

    Guys you really need to update your engine. Game looks just like Dark Souls 3 :(

  • Jameson M.
    Jameson M.6 часов назад

    Do not pre-order. Wait for content creators to review the game when it releases.

  • Balerion
    Balerion6 часов назад

    One Ring to rule them all...

  • Samir Mamedov
    Samir Mamedov6 часов назад

    im still curious about how hard this game will be, there is no statement to that.

  • Jaroslaw Jan Glowacz
    Jaroslaw Jan Glowacz6 часов назад

    All the hype and it seems really boring. :-(

  • Out of HP

    Out of HP

    5 часов назад

    @Aaron have you even played a fromsoftware game? ;)

  • Out of HP

    Out of HP

    5 часов назад

    Lol this looks 10× more interesting than 90% of other open world games

  • Aaron


    6 часов назад

    Mad fans incoming

  • Wesley Costa
    Wesley Costa6 часов назад

    Day 4 adding an O until the game is launched OOOOH

  • petros smia
    petros smia6 часов назад

    On 02:20 isn't that executuner Smough?

  • Konrad Mroczkowski
    Konrad Mroczkowski7 часов назад

    Looks like dark soul 4... I love it!!!

  • _blood_spirit_
    _blood_spirit_7 часов назад

    Это просто ахуенно

  • Fozo
    Fozo7 часов назад

    Shadow of the colossus? XD

  • Winter
    Winter7 часов назад

    So... light in the eyes, huh? So that's why they covered their eyes in Bloodborne! They were ashamed that their eyes had no light! It's all connected man! 🙈

  • Luis Coronado
    Luis Coronado7 часов назад

    a mix of all the games of the big saga

  • Tran hoang bao
    Tran hoang bao7 часов назад

    Another soul like game??

  • Incredibly Stoned
    Incredibly Stoned7 часов назад

    Gameplay you say

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart7 часов назад

    There doesn't seem to be much conceptual difference between this and the Dark Souls franchise, other than maybe increased mobility with the horse and jumping. If they called this Dark Souls 4 I would totally believe it 😂. But of course it's obvious why they did it. The hype for a series decreases a lot when you make more than 3 games.

  • Sebastian Degan
    Sebastian Degan7 часов назад

    Uhm...i expect to hear a familiar voice saying “Oh, you're not mad like the rest, are you?” Well, what jolly travelling companions are we? Pleased to meet you; call me Patches. Oh, see that treasure over there? Go on and take it! My gift to you, just to show that we're friends."

  • ThoSR
    ThoSR7 часов назад

    I honestly had the complete wrong idea about this game... Thought it was gonna be a first-person Skyrim-ish game..

  • Empoliyis
    Empoliyis7 часов назад


  • Dark Souls Fanboy

    Dark Souls Fanboy

    6 часов назад

    can relate

  • Angelo Prijn
    Angelo Prijn7 часов назад

    Never played Dark Souls, but this game.. Elden ring just wow when i saw this for the first time i knew that i wanted it. I like everything about it. I hope the gameplay wil be amazing, that there will be character creation and i hope you have magic in this game.. wanna be a Knight with Magic powers (forgot the name) or necromancer using dark magic againt evil. What do you guys/girls wanna be in this game? (Sorry for the bad english it's not my first language)

  • constant-in-pain 26

    constant-in-pain 26

    Час назад

    Im pretty sure that there will be magic + your english is pretty good!

  • André Martins
    André Martins7 часов назад

    I peed my self

  • André Martins

    André Martins

    7 часов назад


  • Neil M
    Neil M7 часов назад

    Is this our Bloodbourne sequel?

  • Chunen Tran
    Chunen Tran7 часов назад


  • Firewall
    Firewall7 часов назад

    2:19 from not the creators of cuphead, we bring you...bowlhead

  • Vadim
    Vadim7 часов назад

    Well, THAT's worth waiting, all hail the king.

  • Matheus Vinicius
    Matheus Vinicius7 часов назад

    Now we all die in open world 😂

  • Yazan AL Marzouqi
    Yazan AL Marzouqi7 часов назад

    What if the Harry Potter game was like this! A soul game!

  • Luke Miller
    Luke Miller7 часов назад

    I like that it is Dark Souls. 😂 I know i sound sarcastic but genuinely, it wears it's roots on it's sleeves and you have to appreciate that. I assume we were all hoping to see everything from the Soulsborne series refined into the most enjoyable way to play yet, and so far that appears to be the case. Also, fairly certain the voice actor for the Maiden in Black (or one of our many keepers) reprised her role for the girl seen and heard here. Amazing.

  • Joey Houlahan
    Joey Houlahan8 часов назад

    The rings at the end are Borromean rings, they are a Brunnian link, a link that can only be undone by removing one component at which point all the loops are separated. I believe that will be a thematic element to the relationships between those who possess fragments of the Elden Ring. I also think we are kin to the first dragon in the trailer, it's wings are formed of metal plates and are as tarnished as we are, as is it's hair. The only other character in the trailer with feathered wings like the first dragon is the round shield bearing knight whose wings are like an angels or if I had to guess at the iconography, a valkyries'. I think a major influence to the themes of this game will be the Norse invasion of England, the Elden Ring is gold, I imagine it represents the power of wealth and tradition, pure elemental gold does not tarnish. The tarnished wear steel, steel tarnishes in the real world, iron however rusts, so perhaps the red in certain characters hair or equipment indicates somebody who is also tarnished but in a different way to us. I think that main big bad guy is also our kin based on his tarnished hair and the fact that every weapon and piece of cloth he bears is of a different nation or culture making it difficult to discern which one he's from but making us certain that he's a conqueror, perhaps a man like that would place himself on his enemy's throne instead of destroying it.

  • Providence
    Providence8 часов назад


  • Muhammad Umer
    Muhammad Umer8 часов назад

    Almost forgot to watch this today

    AVANISH DUTTA8 часов назад

    I will play this game if i am promised a story worth dying for, and if not, I will come for your souls, bandai. But, can George Martin expand the lore through novels or is he going to die, writing only game of thrones?

  • Wahyu Prasetyo
    Wahyu Prasetyo8 часов назад

    Nintendo switch?

  • DrBreezeAir
    DrBreezeAir9 часов назад

    Finally hyped for a game. Been a while. It's been a while.

  • John Smith
    John Smith9 часов назад

    Yay another head smashing dark souls like adventure love it.

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf9 часов назад

    I have never wanted to give a company money this bad.

  • jhon of god
    jhon of god9 часов назад

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me vengooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  • julespika
    julespika9 часов назад

    1:11 looks like the counter attack after blocking mentioned in the interviews

  • Fok
    Fok9 часов назад


  • fat cheese
    fat cheese9 часов назад

    Im prepared to die.

  • Icapapalotl Popocatepepetl
    Icapapalotl Popocatepepetl9 часов назад

    It looks like Bloodborne for the poor ones.