Erling Haaland - 25 Goals in 25 Games


Erling Haaland sets yet another goalscoring record
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25 goals in his first 25 matches - no other Bundesliga player has reached a quarter century of goals in as short a time as Dortmund's super striker. His brace in BVB's 3-1 win at Leipzig in the biggest game on Matchday 15 earned him the Man of the Match accolade. Let's take another look at all Erling Haaland's Bundesliga goals so far. How many goals will Haaland score this season and which is your favourite of him so far? Let us know in the comments!

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    Northrup KassingМесяц назад

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  • Music, raw.
    Music, raw.Месяц назад

    He moves like crouch. He will play up and down and finish with zero agility. He is already not agile

  • Perver Ay
    Perver AyМесяц назад

    Haaland vs Bundesliga

  • adwaith jayan
    adwaith jayanМесяц назад

    poor sancho is struggling with haaland's physical while celebrating lmao

  • king video
    king videoМесяц назад

    I dont know but i think haaland will be better than mbappe someday......

  • Rick H
    Rick HМесяц назад

    Fantastic scorer! Getting plenty of great service as well.

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    Marte GrandМесяц назад

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  • wozzlepop
    wozzlepopМесяц назад

    Reminds me of Fat Ronaldo. Not the same class but similar.

  • Edgar Gonzalez
    Edgar GonzalezМесяц назад

    bayern munich like this

  • trims sound
    trims soundМесяц назад

    Welcome to chelsea

  • Dio Brando
    Dio BrandoМесяц назад

    gente normal: Erling Braut Haaland El comentarista: erin houlan

  • Gamaliel Tampubolon
    Gamaliel TampubolonМесяц назад

    like Tore Andre Flo but more skillful and left footed :)

  • Julio Yegros
    Julio YegrosМесяц назад

    increíble jugador ya necesitábamos una nueva figura, seguiré su carrera con gusto!

  • ivanbmerida
    ivanbmeridaМесяц назад

    uff si inglaterra llega a jugar con argentina y haaland esta ahi nos hace mier****

  • Fran Malia
    Fran MaliaМесяц назад

    Este es el típico que luego llega a la liga española y no le mete un gol al arcoiris...

  • krzysztof sobolewski
    krzysztof sobolewskiМесяц назад

    He can clean Lewandowski shoes

  • krzysztof sobolewski

    krzysztof sobolewski

    Месяц назад

    Like luka jovic..go to real and back to Germany...

  • Mario Botti
    Mario BottiМесяц назад

    He is a monster....

  • Ranzez González
    Ranzez GonzálezМесяц назад

    Él es un óptimo jugador de soccer Is good

  • Adam Haydaw
    Adam HaydawМесяц назад

    Who’s better Messi - Like me Haaland - comment

  • Dillip Kumar
    Dillip KumarМесяц назад

    Dortmund shouldn't let him go this summer.

  • krzysztof sobolewski

    krzysztof sobolewski

    Месяц назад

    To real Madryt 🤣

  • The Video Shot
    The Video ShotМесяц назад

    Sure his not a cyborg? Or a Fifa cheat code?

  • IGGY Rock
    IGGY RockМесяц назад

    Y no se despeina!

  • Josh Cristopher
    Josh CristopherМесяц назад

    Can someone tell me the name of the band that haland uses on his head?

  • Steve Martin
    Steve MartinМесяц назад

    big, strong, skilful, athletic, scores all types of goals, works hard, fast, what's not to love. Buy him and win the title. That applies to any top European team in England, France, Spain, Italy, Just think how many he would score with United, City, Liverpool, not Tottenham with Mourinho, who would want him to cover the full back.

  • Vladimir Tchuiev
    Vladimir TchuievМесяц назад

    So... Norway now has a football Magnus Carlsen?

  • Alif Haikal
    Alif HaikalМесяц назад

    His body so big and tall..amazing player..he can grow up like Ibrahimovic👍💪💪

  • Stash Goczewski
    Stash GoczewskiМесяц назад

    Watching all these goals again as a dortmund fan makes me realise how huge (legit huge as well lmao) of a player we have atm

  • Ton Tanakrit
    Ton TanakritМесяц назад

    wait to watch him in real war, England.

  • habib mohammed
    habib mohammedМесяц назад

    You can see he is very very patient when he attempts to shot or control. He makes it like slow-motion movement.. I don't know but I don't like his technic. You can see other attackers are much quicker than him. It is obvious that he intentionally slows his reactions to manipulate defenders. Also, he is very gentle with his touches, it's kind of annoying

  • Luca suareeez
    Luca suareeezМесяц назад

    Ahamdrafs eridjsgr hegero

  • Luigi Savio
    Luigi SavioМесяц назад


  • Bhate Assasians
    Bhate AssasiansМесяц назад

    I not only see his increase and improvement in hairstyle but also in his game.

  • Juan Galli
    Juan GalliМесяц назад

    best player i ve seen since 2005...

  • Abdulqadir Husein
    Abdulqadir HuseinМесяц назад

    Dortmund keeps on producing players like the dairy factory...

  • Cadam2019
    Cadam2019Месяц назад

    I swear he slinks around the pitch like a tarantula, must be those long limbs.

  • Muhammad Rizal
    Muhammad RizalМесяц назад

    Haaland : taps the ball Ball goes : 🚀🚀🚀

  • Chess with Grand Masters - Celibrity
    Chess with Grand Masters - CelibrityМесяц назад

    no weakness, fast, strong and clever!!! very perfect striker

  • Ankit Lamicchane
    Ankit LamicchaneМесяц назад

  • Sagar Shaji
    Sagar ShajiМесяц назад

    Attacking mentality 🔥

  • Jake Welch
    Jake WelchМесяц назад

    I seriously think he’s a better striker than mbappe. This kid is a monster that can score any kind of goal- poachers finish, header, beating defenders and finishing, rockets.. he’s a born goal scorer.

  • Roseline Mart
    Roseline MartМесяц назад


  • World Wide
    World WideМесяц назад

    the new zlatan

  • Henrry El 2 Mojica
    Henrry El 2 MojicaМесяц назад

    Creo q no soi el unico q opina herlin golea siempre casi con la porteria sola

  • Yasin Barut
    Yasin BarutМесяц назад

    Perfect strick haland

  • SF2020
    SF2020Месяц назад

    Man united loaned Ighalo instead of him???

  • Dynasty
    DynastyМесяц назад

    We really need this dude in liverpool right now

  • Noval 66
    Noval 66Месяц назад

    benzema is getting old if real doesnt get him. they suck

  • inaayat Hoque
    inaayat HoqueМесяц назад

    His movement is crazy

  • Tim Henry
    Tim HenryМесяц назад

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  • Mario175chivas
    Mario175chivasМесяц назад

    Такое впечатление эта коняка когда бежит в раскоряку то ли себя, то ли кого-то вот вот зашибит

  • Laterunkown 7
    Laterunkown 7Месяц назад

    we found the next messi

  • Tunveer Mangat
    Tunveer MangatМесяц назад

    Tap ins

  • It ain't Obeezy
    It ain't ObeezyМесяц назад

    kygo youuuu

  • Wilfred V
    Wilfred VМесяц назад

    You watch all his celebrations and most of those are with his teammates, not all that fancy "look at me" that other forwards have, including mbappe, etc. Its humbleness, and his talent, what a player. This is my new favorite forward along with Lukaku, Vardy, Kane among others, that kind of player with which anyone would like to play, that kind of player you would like to assist to score.

  • carlos de lacruz
    carlos de lacruzМесяц назад

    Notice he is a master on timing

  • ZainUlabdeen Saeed
    ZainUlabdeen SaeedМесяц назад

    vangol version2

    WELLZYМесяц назад

    He’s so good with both feet and his eye for runs is unreal

  • alphonse kumar
    alphonse kumarМесяц назад

    Anyone noted...he is very left footed...player

  • Dexter Liu
    Dexter LiuМесяц назад

    5:32 That #23 goal is crazy, Haaland is my god.

  • Kevin
    KevinМесяц назад

    The style he scores is almost similar, he needs to be given a good chance in the box and then score, but not a style that is able to make chances and score

  • Estive Bennett
    Estive BennettМесяц назад

    the new hiring of bayern munich levandowsky is old

  • hải long nguyễn
    hải long nguyễnМесяц назад

    haalan i like you

  • Romaine Savage
    Romaine SavageМесяц назад


  • Danny
    DannyМесяц назад

    3:46 poor sancho 😂

  • Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

    Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

    Месяц назад

    and 5:52

  • Rugby Chief
    Rugby ChiefМесяц назад

    Goal number 20 was my favourite goal. He got in, lowered his head, got his body over the ball and put his laces through it. A pure power finish. Although, his second goal against PSG in the UCL was my favourite overall

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last NameМесяц назад

    Had to mute this guy . Annoying af

  • Arnaud T
    Arnaud TМесяц назад

    After this I obey, I subscribed

  • Amarullah Teguh
    Amarullah TeguhМесяц назад

    Bayern should be thanks to dortmund..

  • jodaneidajo
    jodaneidajoМесяц назад

    Haaland goals are gonna overload the internet

  • Muhammad Salar
    Muhammad SalarМесяц назад

    Come to Braça

  • my name is none of your business
    my name is none of your businessМесяц назад

    I do like how this kid has the confidence, skill & vision to take the ball around Goal keepers in their own18 yard box. When/if a player is doing that, there defo something special about him. Much respect from 🇬🇧

  • Ben Cox
    Ben CoxМесяц назад

    He's more of a complete player than Mbappe in my opinion, tall, strong, quick, so versatile in his play & his record is scary for a 20 year old.

  • nofreewill
    nofreewillМесяц назад

    Starts at 1:01

  • Mostafa fadel
    Mostafa fadelМесяц назад

    he is the next zlatan

  • [VRFF] Tekkers City
    [VRFF] Tekkers CityМесяц назад

    0:26 haaland casually pushes Jadon sancho

  • Gilly82
    Gilly82Месяц назад

    I remember watching that game vs Leipzig - pretty sure it was the first game back of professional football after the first wave of COVID. Everyone was so excited that football was back.

  • Christopher Osborn
    Christopher OsbornМесяц назад

    There will always a place for him at Elland Road

  • Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league

    Utd 4 the league Utd 4 the league

    Месяц назад

    haha, dream on !

  • contrite sinner
    contrite sinnerМесяц назад

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  • The GhøSt
    The GhøStМесяц назад

    Style de jeux de haland style de deffence pas d'attaquant j'aime.pas ce style j'aime.comme.messi cristiano rondaldo ronaldo nazario c'est des grand joueur

  • Alvin Ronay
    Alvin RonayМесяц назад

    5:35 🔥🔥🔥

  • Christian Jouvin
    Christian JouvinМесяц назад

    I’m glad this young kid is getting attention. Mbappé is good, but not nearly deserving of all the hype he gets.

  • Mohammad Kurnia Suranata
    Mohammad Kurnia SuranataМесяц назад

    Scary Haalland 😱

  • Dilly Billy
    Dilly BillyМесяц назад

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  • Jimmy Nation
    Jimmy NationМесяц назад

    He is smurfing in bundesliga and CL.

  • Fun Unlimited
    Fun UnlimitedМесяц назад

    Remember what Peter Drury said when Ajax defeated Real Madrid in UCL RO16... "Everything Ajax touch turns into Gold" Now I say that for Haaland: "Everything Haaland touches turns into Gold"

  • Wietse op de Weegh

    Wietse op de Weegh

    Месяц назад

    We beat Juve in the quarter finals, Real in the round of 16

  • Jacky6698
    Jacky6698Месяц назад

    well, will he be the next Fernando Torres

  • Derviş Altaş
    Derviş AltaşМесяц назад

    Yeni Zlatan gibi

  • Afolabi Sanni
    Afolabi SanniМесяц назад

    Bundesliga : Haaland 345 goals in only 346 games

  • Abaan Mohammed
    Abaan MohammedМесяц назад

    The 2nd goal was so selfless

  • Unpossible POG
    Unpossible POGМесяц назад

    Wait... he is norwegian? So he is actually a THOR!!

  • Uknown M
    Uknown M2 месяца назад

    Dortmund aren’t feeding him enough lately he’s having to be aggressive and find his own goals

  • Saitama 22
    Saitama 222 месяца назад

    His positioning is very good

  • Eziukasss JR
    Eziukasss JR2 месяца назад

    He is trash!

  • funny video
    funny video2 месяца назад

    I want him alongside ansu fati and ousmane dembele

  • Sleepy Ash
    Sleepy Ash2 месяца назад

    Why isn't his overall rating 90 on fifa 21?

  • Fabbyflame
    Fabbyflame2 месяца назад

    he honestly reminds me of a young torres

  • Hi Mum

    Hi Mum

    2 месяца назад

    Bruh he's more like Zlatan

  • Umesh T. G
    Umesh T. G2 месяца назад


  • Emilio M. M.
    Emilio M. M.2 месяца назад

    How tf is he cheaper than 100m?