Erling Haaland - 34 Goals in Only 36 Matches


Erling Haaland becomes the youngest Bundesliga player to 34 goals
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Another matchday, another record for Dortmund's exceptional striker Erling Haaland. The Norwegian superstar is now the youngest Bundesliga player ever to score 34 goals. With his brace last weekend against 1. FC Köln, he overtook the legendary Klaus Fischer, and this is surely not the end of the line for him. What do you think? Which record will he break next? Let us know in the comments!

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  • CrimsonCraft
    CrimsonCraftМесяц назад

    I now mark the passage of time with these wonderful videos!

  • Yannis Ouoba

    Yannis Ouoba

    Месяц назад

    @Bundesliga wow

  • LilSxmi


    Месяц назад

    @Bundesliga how do u come up with soo many good jokes man i cant think of 1 to save my life :(

  • Bundesliga


    Месяц назад

    🤔 What date is it? 😬: The 34 of Haaland

  • Indraneel Sen
    Indraneel SenЧас назад


  • Faisal Mir
    Faisal Mir3 часа назад

    pure striker

  • Thomas Steenkamp
    Thomas Steenkamp6 часов назад

    Im waiting for 150 goals in 100 matches

  • Anıl Ağralı
    Anıl AğralıДень назад

    He is the most handsome and the most talented soccer player ever.

  • Visardi Lala
    Visardi Lala2 дня назад

    for me his man is better than mbappe

  • Adan Gonzalez
    Adan Gonzalez2 дня назад

    Sancho si the player

  • Fajula Lemana
    Fajula Lemana2 дня назад

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  • Eduardo Lobo
    Eduardo Lobo2 дня назад

    Music score?

  • Perviz Abdullayev
    Perviz Abdullayev3 дня назад

    Bu ancağ boş qapı vurub ki bunun nəyin tərifliyillər

  • e1 awesome
    e1 awesome3 дня назад

    This boy is the new version of Zlantan Ibrahimovic, Taller stronger hungrier for goals!!! What’s he is interviewing killer 😅😅😅😅

  • Ste Penk Gaming
    Ste Penk Gaming3 дня назад

    Haaland and sanch seem to have a good bond

  • عساف الشمري
    عساف الشمري5 дней назад

    ليش انا الوحيد الي عربي

  • Ferry Sugianto
    Ferry Sugianto6 дней назад

    Can't wait haaland get offer from bayern munich :D

  • Christopher Hitchens
    Christopher Hitchens7 дней назад

    Erling, there is a young and talented squad in the Champions League final right now, who would love to have you. Thomas Tuchel is their manager ;)

  • Khalief Budi Indrawan
    Khalief Budi Indrawan8 дней назад

    DAMN those big steps made him look slow when actually its so fast -_-

  • abdul bibi
    abdul bibi8 дней назад

    Van nistelroy + Ibrahimovic = Haaland

  • Glory Compass
    Glory Compass9 дней назад

    Bundesliga must Get their Editors Ready Cuz they Will be Doing Loads of these Videos on Haaland

    THEROCK91L9 дней назад

    Scoring machine

  • KaiTzy
    KaiTzy13 дней назад

    Halaand scored! Budesliga: *Content!*

  • Agung Agusditia
    Agung Agusditia13 дней назад

    Welcome to barcelona

  • Sergio Gonzalez
    Sergio Gonzalez14 дней назад

    haaland is a great player in my opinion he is the best in 2021

  • Zach Richardson
    Zach Richardson15 дней назад


  • Say Truth
    Say Truth15 дней назад

    As always, Dortmund making great player

  • Aku Kamu
    Aku Kamu21 день назад

    he is next Bayern Munich striker

  • Dmitry Aleskivic
    Dmitry Aleskivic22 дня назад

    Petition to make it a criminal offence to be this good at anything.

  • Dilara Kalaycı
    Dilara Kalaycı23 дня назад

    this video needs an uptade:D

  • Mik Supreme
    Mik Supreme25 дней назад

    Is it me alone that notice a Norwegian same movement , goal poaching , doesn’t have any flashy Neymar skills...if he keeps this up..ballon d’or will be knocking on his door soon

  • Jordyn03 Raji03
    Jordyn03 Raji0326 дней назад

    ⚽️best Bundesliga Erling Halland ; Excellent Football Scorer Borussia Dortmund! Congrats 🥳 blessings n Grace to your life, plans as well as initiating a heartfelt gratitude 🙏

  • ittss_ _ivaaan
    ittss_ _ivaaan26 дней назад

    Amazing how he let his hair grow out during the season

  • Muhammad Yusuf renzi
    Muhammad Yusuf renzi27 дней назад

    Zidan Indonesian

    TAME TUBE28 дней назад

    He is Best straiker Best player of future Ballon D'OR winner. Like Ronaldo and Messi Please Haaland Come to Real Madrid.❤💚❤

  • Harl Stowe
    Harl Stowe28 дней назад

    Erling haaland has a massive head he knows that and his mother definitely knows that

  • batss
    batss28 дней назад

    he look like s1mple

  • MarcS
    MarcS28 дней назад

    Bruh they lost only 3 games where he scored

  • Santosh Limboo
    Santosh Limboo29 дней назад

    Waiting for haaland scoring more goals

  • atourdeforce
    atourdeforce29 дней назад

    I simply didnt realise how good Haaland is. He is quite literally, the greatest finisher i think ive probably ever seen.

  • Fredy Mendez
    Fredy Mendez29 дней назад

    He’s like Lewandoski except Robert didt start taking care of his body and physique seriously until he hit 29-30. This guy is already putting in the work and he’s bigger. People say it’s soccer you don’t need to workout etc but y’all don’t understand how squats/ deadlifts make a player faster and they get less injured. All that soccer training drills won’t cut it. That’s why players struggle when they get older as just soccer drills won’t help you lose fat as metabolism becomes slow. So many players just rxercise when they are in training camp or with the team and don’t do outside work. And if they do they are just cycling or on threadmill and zero or very low weights.

  • Ercan B.
    Ercan B.Месяц назад

    you are just exaggerating

  • Abdullah Khairullah
    Abdullah KhairullahМесяц назад

    haaland the legendary man

  • Nunu Riya
    Nunu RiyaМесяц назад


  • Myles Chilton
    Myles ChiltonМесяц назад

    Looks like a handful for any defence.

  • Adam Ford
    Adam FordМесяц назад


  • Trongthep
    TrongthepМесяц назад

    Welcome to Liverpool

  • Arielle Fenix
    Arielle FenixМесяц назад

    "Hard work."

  • Dracorex0
    Dracorex0Месяц назад

    Adminho on suicide watch after the goal drought

  • K TP
    K TPМесяц назад

    Cầu thủ ăn mừng quá độ là đây

  • futbol ferpap
    futbol ferpapМесяц назад Haaland & Mbappe figures in the future

  • LURIS gaming
    LURIS gamingМесяц назад

    No where in any football channel . . . . Bundesliga official- adminho is famous than any bundesliga player

  • Andrew Clavin
    Andrew ClavinМесяц назад

    Not bad is he

  • welshhibby
    welshhibbyМесяц назад

    Welcome to Manchester CITY !

  • Sabda Alamsyah
    Sabda AlamsyahМесяц назад

    Wonderfull shot, posisioning, skill 💯

  • Hai Dier
    Hai DierМесяц назад

    Goal poacher but not good as Zlatan...

  • Rudi Hermawan
    Rudi HermawanМесяц назад

    No need step over, elastico, feint, or others. Just kick and score!

  • Rudi Hermawan
    Rudi HermawanМесяц назад

    No need step over, elastico, feint, or others. Just kick and score!

  • azas
    azasМесяц назад

    always left foot

  • JimmaJamma2006
    JimmaJamma2006Месяц назад

    Real shame about the music. I wish it was just the original sound

  • edddiiizzz
    edddiiizzzМесяц назад

    3:17 ....

  • juaneps
    juanepsМесяц назад

    This kid is a killer ! Great scorer !

  • Alvaro Garavito
    Alvaro GaravitoМесяц назад

    when in doubt, pass it to Haaland.

  • Mr San
    Mr SanМесяц назад

    his 32th goal is special

  • SiIverAnt
    SiIverAntМесяц назад

    Es un killer; pero ... no veo algo diferencial. Otro video que recomienden? Porque en este no veo algo sobresaliente, solo a un jugador que se posiciona bien, con olfato de gol y frio al definir.

  • Siwe Khumalo
    Siwe KhumaloМесяц назад

    This guy scored FIFA goals. Insane. A machine.

  • Haziq


    Месяц назад

    Even in PES, He is a beast

  • bocah polos
    bocah polosМесяц назад

    🇮🇩 🇮🇩

  • badgershands
    badgershandsМесяц назад

    If he doesn't score for 45 minutes it's a goal drought.

  • M M
    M MМесяц назад

    The New Messi vs Ronaldo is haaland and mbappe

  • Michael Inkster
    Michael InksterМесяц назад

    Seems to have great athleticism and movement for someone who is 6 foot 4 inches tall, not to mention skill and power! And only 20 years old!! See goals 26 and 29, for example.

  • Ömer oğuz Talan
    Ömer oğuz TalanМесяц назад

    Turkey ❤️👍💪👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏

  • EnRo
    EnRoМесяц назад

    You can see the Corona Time lapse

  • EnRo
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  • Simple Relaxation
    Simple RelaxationМесяц назад

    3:04 Sancho looks scared of Halland

  • Daffa Gaming
    Daffa GamingМесяц назад

    His Precision,Accuracy,Finishing are absolutely Incredible He's such Solid Striker

  • Maniac


    11 дней назад

    its called confidence

  • Jonathan Fagan
    Jonathan FaganМесяц назад

    1 deflected goal outside the box. 33 great finishes inside the box. Hmmm without the players to feed him the ball the way Dortmund do he could struggle.

    HKS CHANNELМесяц назад

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  • Rohmat Budi
    Rohmat BudiМесяц назад

    Dortmund always have good striker..

  • Akif Baran
    Akif BaranМесяц назад

    Haaland gets the ball from sancho. Its a goal! But what I see after the goal is Haaland holding Sancho like he is gonna eat him loool 3:05

  • Jake Shaun
    Jake ShaunМесяц назад

    I clicked this video just to watch his run

    ST EKESONМесяц назад

    Welcome to Chelsea

  • Robert Nicholas
    Robert NicholasМесяц назад

    I can see this guy going to man city. Then de bruyne + haarland = city domination of Premier League for years

  • Luke E.H
    Luke E.HМесяц назад

    He's not a bad striker, Blackburn Rovers should go for him

  • Nerd Ninja
    Nerd NinjaМесяц назад

    All tapins

  • Fahrein Salleh
    Fahrein SallehМесяц назад

    To be fair..he got so many exceptional passes from hes team mates..

  • Forty9 Sevxn
    Forty9 SevxnМесяц назад

    “678 goals in only 680 bundesliga matches”

  • Regenia Staaf
    Regenia StaafМесяц назад

    The magnificent hardware amazingly double because september aboaly possess onto a righteous jail. small, obnoxious cattle

  • van khanh
    van khanhМесяц назад

    3p19 . awww

  • Lib Jadeer
    Lib JadeerМесяц назад


  • Milecas
    MilecasМесяц назад

    The 29th goal is so🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Rivera
    Gabriel RiveraМесяц назад

    No tiene nada de espectacular solo es un caza goles oportunista

  • Clipz Zentox
    Clipz ZentoxМесяц назад

    5:50 thought it was fifa lol

  • Andovi Setya Alnaresh
    Andovi Setya AlnareshМесяц назад

    No muncen ok haland

  • Ebraheem Alaa Max
    Ebraheem Alaa MaxМесяц назад

    Imagine haland playing with the goat leo messi just Imagine

  • Ami Hoss
    Ami HossМесяц назад

    we need to feed our children better. Norway’s National dishes comprise of a lot of fish such as herring etc whereas British dNational Dishes tend to involve a lot over very nice comfort food which is not always good for our growing kids. We need to feed our kids good quality fresh foods so that they can be strong and athletic just like Haaland then we might stand a chance against these giants in sport like football

    OXDH AOXTМесяц назад

    None with the right foot

  • Ciro Silva
    Ciro SilvaМесяц назад


  • Harder Way
    Harder WayМесяц назад

    Pipo Inzaghi, just blond and bigger.

  • Just an average gamer
    Just an average gamerМесяц назад

    Next Ronaldo is this lad 💯

  • david shaoul
    david shaoulМесяц назад

    guy doesnt know how to shoot from outside the box hed never get that amount of space in the premier league defenders are much faster

  • JiTiAr35
    JiTiAr35Месяц назад

    Big and strong like a center half, speedy like a winger, and typical classic number 9 finisher. The boy is a natural freak.

  • The Mandem
    The MandemМесяц назад

    Was it just me who found the commentator really annoying cos he was saying hoorland

  • Herry anshor
    Herry anshorМесяц назад

    halland on fire