Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach - Gameplay Trailer | PS5


A glimpse of FNAF: Security Breach.


  • McKenna P
    McKenna P43 минуты назад

    Unpopular opinion but I actually really like how the humans look in fnaf, I know they look slightly goofy and kind of cartoony but I think it fits very well. Also it reminds me of the humans in bioshock and that’s cool

  • Touzeri
    TouzeriЧас назад

    Can't we just apreciate the praysteixo in the end

  • Conrad Gatogang
    Conrad GatogangЧас назад

    Doesnt look exactly like the original

  • Conrad Gatogang
    Conrad GatogangЧас назад


  • Chat noir33
    Chat noir33Час назад


  • Vortex
    VortexЧас назад

    What Bro PlayStation 5

  • J. Jonh 022
    J. Jonh 022Час назад

    M : 0:48

  • Hedghog owner
    Hedghog ownerЧас назад

    Its so big so many places to hide and for vanny

  • Comobreaker
    Comobreaker2 часа назад

    nostaliga hitted me

  • J.M Gears
    J.M Gears2 часа назад

    Sister Location trailer was WAY more badass

  • honey tea
    honey tea3 часа назад

    MatPat thinking he solved the FNaF theories, Scott : sEcUrItY BrEaCh

  • 3D Darkness
    3D Darkness3 часа назад

    Open slow mo and sound like pigs been sorted

  • 3D Darkness

    3D Darkness

    3 часа назад

    All that glitch is the old location I think

  • 3D Darkness

    3D Darkness

    3 часа назад

    Sweet dreams

  • 3D Darkness

    3D Darkness

    3 часа назад

    Hey there wasn't so sweet up to sister location altamont custom night cos there's a door

  • 3D Darkness

    3D Darkness

    3 часа назад

    I found a cupcake look on your I don't know what why I know you're added this in Scott

  • 3D Darkness

    3D Darkness

    3 часа назад

    Hey did anybody notice want to go to sell those shows funny face

  • Erica Belle
    Erica Belle3 часа назад

    I am just ready for this to come out

  • Erica Belle

    Erica Belle

    3 часа назад

    Whoever finds this message you are officially awesome

  • bomb shooter
    bomb shooter3 часа назад

    five nights at freddys

  • 3rdEye Lenny
    3rdEye Lenny4 часа назад

    Here's the part you're here for 0:37

  • Marlon Muñoz
    Marlon Muñoz4 часа назад

    Se nota que va a estar bien bueno, tengo que alistar mi play 5 jajaja

  • nightcore 4
    nightcore 44 часа назад

    Shut up and take my money

  • cristian poupart
    cristian poupart5 часов назад

    I don’t know if we should trust that security guard.

  • Пару Тысяч Пикселей Тому Назад
    Пару Тысяч Пикселей Тому Назад6 часов назад

    Scott, just stop. Do not move, just stand where you are standing and don't touch anything and everything is gonna be okey. Just stop, please..

  • Spring bonnie
    Spring bonnie6 часов назад

    My dad when he lies about me and my brother’s age to get free food: 1:23

  • Booosh
    Booosh6 часов назад

    I havent played any of the game since #6 but this looks cool

  • nina godelyn parungao
    nina godelyn parungao7 часов назад


  • Gregory the eggory
    Gregory the eggory7 часов назад

    ign reviewer: this woodcutting game is bad and the characters look like creepy bootleg chuck e cheese animatronics. at least 6 years later: this

    ÖMER TARIK PSG8 часов назад

    what day pls 2022 pls

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    What? It's coming out in May - July

  • Yues
    Yues8 часов назад

    No Britishness WHYYYYY

  • LazzoDuckz
    LazzoDuckz8 часов назад

    This is not fnaf

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    3 часа назад

    @LazzoDuckz This is a new chapter and sort of reboot for fnaf

  • LazzoDuckz


    3 часа назад

    @Djordje Grbic This is not the fnaf i am used too

  • USSF Enterprise

    USSF Enterprise

    4 часа назад


  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад


  • USSF Enterprise

    USSF Enterprise

    6 часов назад

    No Awesome FNAF!

  • 「ItsNotFløw」
    「ItsNotFløw」8 часов назад

    Its only a matter of time until fanfics/fandom attack

  • Leporídeos Oryctolagus
    Leporídeos Oryctolagus8 часов назад

    Cadê o Bonnie poha

  • Daniel
    Daniel9 часов назад

    wait this actually continues ???fnaf 6 was not the last ????

  • Daniel


    4 часа назад

    @Djordje Grbic oh yea

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    @Daniel and special delivery

  • Daniel


    4 часа назад

    @Djordje Grbic ight help wanted ucn and this or how

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    No there were 3 more games after that also

  • Koteuusz
    Koteuusz10 часов назад

    Oddajcie nam kasacza

  • Denis Alvarez
    Denis Alvarez10 часов назад


  • Somebum
    Somebum10 часов назад

    Im exited but my new gaming chair isn't

    SUPREME11 часов назад

    altıma sıçtım lan

  • iNcRuStEd 21
    iNcRuStEd 2111 часов назад

    1:13 a weird noise ?

  • iNcRuStEd 21

    iNcRuStEd 21

    9 часов назад

    If you slow it down to 0:25

  • iNcRuStEd 21
    iNcRuStEd 2111 часов назад

    LISTEN TO IT AT 0:25 I’m hearing music when they introduced on the stage

  • iNcRuStEd 21
    iNcRuStEd 2111 часов назад

    AYO listen to the start at 0.25 you can hear this weird laugh

  • Air- Ick
    Air- Ick13 часов назад


  • Aleksander Wereski
    Aleksander Wereski13 часов назад

    Czy gra będzie na ps 4???

  • lucy warren
    lucy warren14 часов назад

    It sounds like Heather Masters who voices Baby-

  • ebic gamer

    ebic gamer

    9 часов назад

    im pretty sure it is LOL

  • Unknown
    Unknown16 часов назад

    Lo que antes era un juego de terror ahora es un juego para niños.

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    13 часов назад

    Nunca fue un juego de terror (ignorante)

  • Zayreth Flores
    Zayreth Flores16 часов назад

    Look so cool

  • USSF Enterprise
    USSF Enterprise16 часов назад

    (0:22) Security Girl: Name Vanessa

  • Luis Magaña
    Luis Magaña17 часов назад

    Que me gaste todo mi dinero dice

  • William Antonio Ramírez Pérez
    William Antonio Ramírez Pérez17 часов назад

    ¡¿Es en serio?!! Este juego saldrá para la mejor consola con una potencia sorprendente y el juego parece de celular de 3 pesos

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    13 часов назад

    Mira el tráiler de RTX o fíjate dos veces

  • Michael.A
    Michael.A17 часов назад

    That moment when your getting extremely hyped for something you dont have the necessary gameplay computer or console to play:

  • XSliver StripeX
    XSliver StripeX18 часов назад

    This is epic

  • ItzDanisitum :D
    ItzDanisitum :D18 часов назад

    ¿Ready For the acción? ¡Go! :D

  • Caution_tap3
    Caution_tap318 часов назад

    Lol we went from Scott’s biggest mistake ( FnAf world) to this.

  • Oliverbeam
    Oliverbeam19 часов назад

    1:44 toreador March

  • Meikel Mckinney
    Meikel Mckinney19 часов назад

    Can we talk about how at 0:36-0:52, the music is just an absolute jam. Like I was ready for a bass drop, I'm so hype

  • JadhenTips
    JadhenTips19 часов назад


  • Bill Cipher
    Bill Cipher20 часов назад

    SO READY!!!!!! they say Springtrap is the arm at the it true? Also people say the new Chica is the old reskinned version of Toy Chica

  • SaltyArtsyBro
    SaltyArtsyBro20 часов назад

    imagine showing this to someone in 2014

  • Eloise Murphy
    Eloise Murphy21 час назад

    Very cool trailer

  • Izuku Midoryia
    Izuku Midoryia22 часа назад

    I ALWAYS COME BACK- Micheal afton

  • Agus
    Agus22 часа назад

    awebo fnaf 49

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    13 часов назад


  • lojack 01
    lojack 0122 часа назад

    I don't feel like this animatronics are scary

  • Bendy ._.
    Bendy ._.22 часа назад


  • KJ
    KJ22 часа назад

    0:30 is where the juices start pumpin 🥵😩🥺

  • Haley Mejia
    Haley Mejia22 часа назад

    This looks scary I love it

  • Lonely Person
    Lonely Person23 часа назад

    big map? wow

  • USSF Enterprise

    USSF Enterprise

    23 часа назад

    Mall Maps

  • Josechu García López
    Josechu García López23 часа назад


  • Arthur Marques
    Arthur Marques23 часа назад

    Nice! But when will Ps Now be available in Brazil? And the multiplayer online without Ps Plus?

  • Jhoan Apala
    Jhoan Apala23 часа назад

    El siempre vuelve

  • JoseYT
    JoseYT23 часа назад


  • Scp Studier
    Scp Studier23 часа назад

    There is one thing Scott, fnaf has taken tons of twist turns and intersects, but there is one thing in common. You will always, always, ALWAYS play cat and mouse.

    THE GAME OVER23 часа назад

    Se puede para pley4

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    13 часов назад


  • Violeta Turanjanin
    Violeta TuranjaninДень назад

    I NEVER EXPECTED SUCH HIGH QUALITY (NO OFENSE( and yes this coments is stupid

  • Lolive V
    Lolive VДень назад


  • Biggus Dickus.
    Biggus Dickus.День назад

    They went from glitchtrap to a somehow waterdowned version of the toy tronics from fnaf 2

  • BigRedWanderer YT
    BigRedWanderer YTДень назад

    1:54 “I always come back”

  • Mateo Diaz Padilla
    Mateo Diaz PadillaДень назад

    this is giving me alien isolation vibes

  • Hoodini 2233
    Hoodini 2233День назад

    WHY IS THERE a thicc bunny excuse me i dont want that chasing me 😂😂

  • El Feo
    El FeoДень назад

    Tengo mucho miedo XD :b

  • Busco Onichan
    Busco OnichanДень назад


  • The purple wayz
    The purple wayzДень назад


  • Aqua 2k
    Aqua 2kДень назад

    It's crazy how much this universe has expanded

  • Fleegle,s magic channel
    Fleegle,s magic channelДень назад

    Hey sony when is fnaf security breach coming out

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    You should be asking steelwool that

  • USSF Enterprise
    USSF EnterpriseДень назад

    Liked 472,000 > Dislike 8,000 Win FNAF Security Breach Awesome!

  • Cat
    CatДень назад

    If you guys pause at the right time like around 0:48 when it shakes or kinda glitches you can see vanny

  • Crypto_enigma warrior-p
    Crypto_enigma warrior-pДень назад

    Imagine, leaving the FNaF Fandom when FNaF 4 came out, and coming back to this.

    xxX10_DAISY _OFICIALXxxДень назад

    0:26 >:3

  • Axel Pane
    Axel PaneДень назад

    Can I walk and pick up items in this game?

  • Juliuhs10
    Juliuhs10День назад

    Lo wa jugar fnaf es la franquicia de terror mas hermosa y famosa!!

  • Joe Mama mama
    Joe Mama mamaДень назад

    Five nights at Freddy’s but there isn’t any freddy

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    What? There's glamrock freddy

  • Mr. Shadow
    Mr. ShadowДень назад

    1:43 se escucha la caja musical de freddy con el tono un poco cambiado

  • Mr. Shadow
    Mr. ShadowДень назад

    la música de cuando salen los animatronicos me gusta

  • you just got Rickrolled
    you just got RickrolledДень назад


  • umaru chan
    umaru chanДень назад

    im hipeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd yesssssssssssssssss ive been waiting for thissssssssssssss

  • Ian Adrian Boiton Pereira
    Ian Adrian Boiton PereiraДень назад

    ya saquenlo para nintendo switch pliss

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    5 часов назад

    @Ian Adrian Boiton Pereira ok

  • Ian Adrian Boiton Pereira

    Ian Adrian Boiton Pereira

    7 часов назад

    @Juan Paiva Fnaf gracias de regalo un rico like

  • Juan Paiva Fnaf

    Juan Paiva Fnaf

    13 часов назад

    Lo sacarán TRES MESES luego de que salga

  • hola adios
    hola adiosДень назад


  • Lana Uhuy
    Lana UhuyДень назад

    At the scene where it shows the new animatronics I was like "Where's Freddy? It's not a fnaf game if Freddy's not here" the I Saw him and was like "Oh nevermind there he is". Either way I'm waiting for someone to do a let's play with this game cuz I don't have PS and doesn't have enough money to afford it :"3 but I'm also a scaredy cat so I rather watch people getting Scared rather than playing myself

  • CheyenneMag Pizza
    CheyenneMag PizzaДень назад

    habt ihr deutsche komentare gesehen?

  • Renato Abraham Gabriel Condo
    Renato Abraham Gabriel CondoДень назад


  • tatertotQween potato
    tatertotQween potatoДень назад

    How about it comes out now

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    @Super Cuphead ProductionYT not a lot but polishing and all of that will be needdd

  • cj coronel

    cj coronel

    19 часов назад

    @Super Cuphead ProductionYT yeah

  • Super Cuphead ProductionYT

    Super Cuphead ProductionYT

    День назад

    They still have a lot of work to do

  • Saima Afsar
    Saima AfsarДень назад

    Man this game is al about screaming ahhh Every thing loksabha great

  • Jorsch Evan FABE
    Jorsch Evan FABEДень назад

    1:05 you will hear a scream listen carefully

  • you just got Rickrolled

    you just got Rickrolled

    День назад


  • Austin Sy
    Austin SyДень назад

    Where is jolibee?

  • Austin Sy

    Austin Sy

    День назад

    @LJ Games I know Im just kidding :)

  • LJ Games

    LJ Games

    День назад

    Jolly is Fan-made.

  • Axel Pane
    Axel PaneДень назад

    I'm waiting this game to be released . So please tell me the release date ! I wanna this game be released after three months .

  • Djordje Grbic

    Djordje Grbic

    4 часа назад

    @Dede Byebye I'm thinking June

  • Dede Byebye

    Dede Byebye

    23 часа назад

    Probably may

  • Waddles
    WaddlesДень назад