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Season Four Gameplay Trailer | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™


  • Isaiah Muniz
    Isaiah Muniz38 минут назад

    B O A R I N G

  • Denise Bryan
    Denise Bryan48 минут назад

    Everytime I keep hearing a movie explosion I swear this game should have been a movie 0:02

  • BLACKcat
    BLACKcat50 минут назад


  • Sip
    SipЧас назад

    bring Black ops 2 24/7 mode please with all bo2 maps

  • Devin Romero
    Devin RomeroЧас назад

    Another update mooching off of the success of BO2 and the nostalgia of their poor fan base. Lol see you in 2042 loserrrrsssss


    It says age restriction even though mine is off

  • Rhashad Jones
    Rhashad Jones2 часа назад

    I thought this was the battlefield trailer💀🔫

  • Franck Vázquez
    Franck Vázquez4 часа назад

    But why Gameplay trailer if there is nothing gameplay in this cinematic trailer

  • William Dunn
    William Dunn4 часа назад

    Be W1SE

  • RuRock Gaming
    RuRock Gaming4 часа назад

    Just give us an anti-cheat instead of another season!

  • Rocco Rivera
    Rocco Rivera4 часа назад

    No Mason

  • OnePump Scottie
    OnePump Scottie4 часа назад

    Are there still cod championship? Cold War killed those to

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty5 часов назад

    Let just get an anti-cheat for warzone, first.

  • Jouson ahmed
    Jouson ahmed5 часов назад


  • Alen Arslan
    Alen Arslan5 часов назад

    Nail gun from bo3 and the dragon from gorod krovi and the monster from die machine I love cod!!!!!!!!

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    5 часов назад

    Tranzit 2.0?

  • Jeffrey Wicks
    Jeffrey Wicks6 часов назад

    If they added bo2 greenrun maps to cold war, that's the ONLY thing I would play for a while, lol

  • [I-am-zion]
    [I-am-zion]6 часов назад

    Bro warzone is cool but bring back multiplayer Battle passes please 😐

  • Caleb Stout
    Caleb Stout6 часов назад

    Be nice if theyd stop bringing back classic maps and make new ones that actually have something to do with the cold war

  • ali musazadeh
    ali musazadeh10 часов назад

    Better than bt2042 shooting the jet scene

  • Price
    Price10 часов назад

    Please add some Modern Warfare weapons to the ground loot in warzone 🥺

  • ErichVoltz
    ErichVoltz11 часов назад

    better anti-cheat please

  • Ismailov Films
    Ismailov Films11 часов назад

    Again recycled map 🥸

  • jamie bond
    jamie bond11 часов назад

    Meh I’ll wait until bf 2042

  • Mike Johnston
    Mike Johnston13 часов назад

    Booooooo. Enjoy your bullcrap while it lasts Activision. Night night time is just around the corner come October.👏

  • Hoorthy edits
    Hoorthy edits15 часов назад

    Everybody: no way hijacked!!!! Me: please just release crx9 and raal....

  • llama
    llama15 часов назад

    Hey activison why dont you go make call of duty mordern warfare II im start boring in warzone now

  • llama
    llama15 часов назад


  • Danil Cherouati
    Danil Cherouati15 часов назад

    Why it's always in South of Algeria in the desert it's never in the north in mountains and the sea

  • 《Remedy 》
    《Remedy 》15 часов назад

    Dude really looking like Salem from Army of Two 😂😂

  • ColdNkieth
    ColdNkieth16 часов назад

    Tranzit 2.0?

  • HappyPanda
    HappyPanda18 часов назад

    Hopefully that u don't have pay for the new zombies map

  • discord mod
    discord mod19 часов назад


  • Anthonique Culmer
    Anthonique Culmer20 часов назад

    Make call of duty Cold war for free and make a and make a online multiplayer for free too that would make a game better just be honest

  • Antonio fele
    Antonio fele21 час назад


  • AssaulTxRepaX
    AssaulTxRepaX22 часа назад

    Pls Hijacked 24/7 modus

  • Mason Joppie
    Mason Joppie22 часа назад

    But did you nerf the sun yet?

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson22 часа назад

    So....still no more updates to Modern Warfare?

  • Anh Hoang
    Anh Hoang23 часа назад

    we're brushing off cold war and into the gulf war period now, with how Delta the operator looks.

  • lol


    8 часов назад

    nothing in this game looks gulf or cold war. its just all fantasy

  • The best all 360
    The best all 360День назад

    Lol imagine adding hijack back

  • Cold heart
    Cold heartДень назад

    Trash cold war contents looks so childish .give us mw content back

  • zaquan dyer
    zaquan dyerДень назад

    So I have speculations that ghost is going to be captain price enemy I hope I’m wrong

  • Sam Sam
    Sam SamДень назад


  • why are u reading this lol
    why are u reading this lolДень назад


  • Wade Wilson
    Wade WilsonДень назад

    meh just bring warzone next gen

  • John Price
    John PriceДень назад

    Wannabe Edgelord: "I am death!" Mason When He Starts Seeing The Numbers: Am I a joke to you?

  • Makayla Adrian
    Makayla AdrianДень назад

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    RISKKOДень назад

    0:26 yooooo where my dutch people at?

  • Boya
    BoyaДень назад

    where the third classic zombie map goes in this????????

  • RangerX
    RangerXДень назад

    Hey Activision Ive been trying to get the kali sticks since you released them and maybe you can change the challenge for them so players who only have warzone it’s easier to get like 3 kills with knife a match so people like me don’t have to stress and possibly give up so Activision if you’re reading this please change the kali sticks challenge to make it easier for me and all players

  • Slim øut
    Slim øutДень назад

    The only thing that exciting was the yacht map because it doesn't get back to being modern warfare cold ward completely ruined warzone the only thing that changed the map from warzone 3 tweaks to new buildings map filter and voila

  • RufflesChips
    RufflesChipsДень назад

    This is LIT 🔥

  • Dark Knight
    Dark KnightДень назад

    Laughs in BF6

  • AlwaysIncorrect
    AlwaysIncorrectДень назад

    Did I just see..... H I J A C K E D

  • Gummy
    GummyДень назад

    I’m getting black ops two vibes with that boat to be honest

  • Gummy


    15 часов назад

    I know

  • 《Remedy 》

    《Remedy 》

    15 часов назад

    Well.... It was from BO2 😂

  • Rahadian Widagdo
    Rahadian WidagdoДень назад

    Call of duty can you add an grenade launcher and hybrid sight scope in codm

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotooДень назад

    I do love a new COD season! Always refreshing to get some new content 💪

  • Mathis Zambito
    Mathis ZambitoДень назад

    B O A R I N G

  • MrCervantesent
    MrCervantesentДень назад

    Are there any NEW maps for multiplayer? All I see is ONE NEW map and a remake... That's it?... 0_0

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo

    День назад

    Imagine if they bring back the Pacekeaper to Hijacked just like the old days

  • Jasmin Akhter
    Jasmin AkhterДень назад

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  • Stevie Coupons
    Stevie CouponsДень назад

    some of these skins actually look super dope compared to last season

  • Idonthavealifeiguess
    IdonthavealifeiguessДень назад

    Still waiting for smr buff in bo2

  • moises Bartlett
    moises BartlettДень назад

    Only black ops 2 fans commet here

  • Kuschel
    KuschelДень назад

    Battelfield is actually better.

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry CrunchДень назад

    Thanks for taking our money and giving us garbage on top of garbage.

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry CrunchДень назад

    This is not a gameplay trailer. There is no gameplay in it. Just cut scenes.

  • Mint Berry Crunch
    Mint Berry CrunchДень назад

    How do you not know what gameplay means?

  • Desert Eagle
    Desert EagleДень назад

    i hope this game will die in october

  • Kuschel


    День назад

    it will.

  • Geezy
    GeezyДень назад

    another ColdWar battlepass, another snoozer....

  • Yami Sekai
    Yami SekaiДень назад

    Wie wäre es mit Anti cheat der Rest egal

  • Coulton Carroll
    Coulton CarrollДень назад

    This game is so trash its hilarious 😂

  • Taction Gaming
    Taction GamingДень назад

    ik ben even in de war

  • Ijustreallywantsomefuckingcake
    IjustreallywantsomefuckingcakeДень назад

    Can’t wait for the new battlefield

  • Varun Teja
    Varun TejaДень назад


  • S.H.I.V.A
    S.H.I.V.AДень назад

    Imagine if they bring back the Pacekeaper to Hijacked just like the old days

    TOXICДень назад

    Só eu que vi uma parafal

  • eloythecat 48
    eloythecat 48День назад

    Hijacked yeeees

  • Akuma Tenshu
    Akuma TenshuДень назад

    I Just wish MW would get new content

  • Hi
    HiДень назад

    Duuuuuude, tranzit? Also hijacked

    JASON VOORHEES14День назад


  • Noel
    NoelДень назад


  • GoodiesBR
    GoodiesBRДень назад

    Will PS5 get FOV? Pleaseeeeeeeee

  • John Taylor
    John TaylorДень назад

    Looks fun, i hope season 4 of call of duty modern warfare has a co op with call of duty ghosts like monster enemies

  • Matthew Lamar
    Matthew LamarДень назад

    Another boring content for boring game no warzone Tf 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • WishMan
    WishManДень назад

    Release Modern Warfare content Cold War is trash

  • Milad Yalda
    Milad YaldaДень назад

    I hate Cold War. Wish this season pass was for modern warfare

    JAERD GSERRDOДень назад


  • Hanz
    HanzДень назад

    650K VIEWS ON THIS AFTER 3 DAYS...... BATTLEFIELD 2.4 MIL VIEWS AFTER 4 HOURS ...... exactly what this half finished cash grab deserves

  • Kolossus
    Kolossus2 дня назад

    There's a word to describe this. But I can't think about it. I think it was something with a B. Hmm Oh I remember now. BOARING

  • Son Bükücü
    Son Bükücü2 дня назад

    Spanish Rifle CETME ?

  • Hernan A
    Hernan A2 дня назад

    Does this season have an anti cheat!!!!

  • riyu biti
    riyu biti2 дня назад


  • marijan mlinac
    marijan mlinac2 дня назад

    plizz night vision

  • Arena Local Gamer
    Arena Local Gamer2 дня назад

    ACTOVISION lixoooooooooooo

  • The Niro
    The Niro2 дня назад

    Bye bye cod ima move to battlefield and halo

  • L O G I C A L
    L O G I C A L2 дня назад

    Battlefield looks better than Cold War in just an alpha YOU LOSE CoD

  • MrCrayon 72

    MrCrayon 72

    День назад

    How old are you?

  • L O G I C A L
    L O G I C A L2 дня назад

    B O A R I N G

  • foxrootking
    foxrootking2 дня назад

    Yeah I go back to battlefield

  • Armando Figari
    Armando Figari2 дня назад

    Hace bien este año osino battlefield te va a joder xd

  • Karol M
    Karol M2 дня назад

    B O A R I N G