Shawn Mendes - Bad Reputation (MTV Unplugged)


Shawn Mendes’ MTV Unplugged live album is out now:

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  • ShawnMendesVEVO
    ShawnMendesVEVO3 года назад

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  • Kaylia Hoyt

    Kaylia Hoyt

    28 дней назад


  • Mendes Army

    Mendes Army

    28 дней назад

    weon t amo

  • Kaylia Hoyt

    Kaylia Hoyt

    Месяц назад

    @Pretty_girl Stop. To. Leave. Shawn. Mendes. Alone. Now. I. Think. I. Want you. Stay. Away. Shawn Mendes. Now. Before. He. Will. Call. Police. On. You. Because. Your. Kinda. Creepy. I. Was. Putting. My. Own. Song's. On. My. Comments. Yes. And. Alll. Followrs. Views.

  • Pretty_girl


    Месяц назад

    Can I see you at least once in my life? 🥺 Lots of love from India🌺💚🤍❤️🥺

  • andreea carnaru

    andreea carnaru

    Месяц назад

    🖤💫Love you🖤💫

  • Isa Belly
    Isa BellyЧас назад


  • Covey Grant Suva
    Covey Grant SuvaДень назад

    It’s 2021, who’s still watching? 🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Hot Girl
    Hot Girl2 дня назад

    His voice takes me too a whole new level that no artist has ever done before. Addicted.. and thrilled to be so .💙💜

  • Andrea Valencia
    Andrea Valencia2 дня назад

    My favorite version...IS BEAUTIFUL💕

  • cleyton vinicius
    cleyton vinicius7 дней назад

    Tô viciado nessa música! 🤭

  • jammmy
    jammmy10 дней назад

    Shawn never disappoint

  • Raquel //Belieber
    Raquel //Belieber12 дней назад

    I love you Shawn❤

  • Ben Zeppelin
    Ben Zeppelin13 дней назад

    I Thought it’s a Joan Jett Cover Lol. I’m out.

  • Sandra isabel Aguirre angel
    Sandra isabel Aguirre angel13 дней назад

    I´ am love shawn mendes song favorite bad reputation

  • Piper El
    Piper El19 дней назад

    This is by far one of my most favorite songs by Shawn Mendes

  • Lennon
    Lennon20 дней назад

    His orchestra x

  • Lennon
    Lennon20 дней назад

    That background musicians tho ❤️

  • Talia Rodriguez
    Talia Rodriguez21 день назад

    I resonate spiritually with the girls raising the arms singing "she got it bad" loved this concert

  • Nathalylucas Pereira
    Nathalylucas Pereira21 день назад

    Tão perfeito, amo demais essa música..favoritaa tão profundo ❤

  • Dhiana Shintawati
    Dhiana Shintawati21 день назад

    I miss you're love more, to make me stronger, so I am not feeling alone in the world my so perfect darling is Shawn Mendes

  • Dhiana Shintawati
    Dhiana Shintawati22 дня назад

    I miss you're love more, to make me stronger, so I am not alone in the world my baby

    MARILYN SAVIN - GUZMAN23 дня назад

    Tu sisabes mi cantante favorito 😍😍aaaaa

    MARILYN SAVIN - GUZMAN23 дня назад


  • Emilly Beniti
    Emilly Beniti24 дня назад

    nunca vou superar essa era

  • מוריה ברוש
    מוריה ברוש26 дней назад

    I just now realised how dark his old music a scary atmosphere Idk how to describe it but I used to listen to that everyday cuz I was depressed af

  • Renata Vera
    Renata Vera28 дней назад


    PARTHA CHOWDHURY29 дней назад

    For many people, their favourite songs of Shawn written for Camila are treat you better, mercy or why. But for me this is my favourite. You can feel and even see the anger in his eyes because of the way the world was hating on Camila then when poor Camila was just taking a solo career because she wasn't happy there in fifth harmony. I mean not at all, like at the last she looked totally depressed and while interviews all the four girls would sit together and Camila would be at distant. But Shawn bravely said to the whole world that no matter what they think about her, everything and anything he wants was just she...😭🤧🥺🥺

  • Jostyn Cavero
    Jostyn CaveroМесяц назад

    the best song i've heard

  • Anais Radaelli
    Anais RadaelliМесяц назад

    AVEVA 18 ANNI. 18!!!!!

  • maria eduarda stinchelli
    maria eduarda stinchelliМесяц назад

    te amo

  • mikro koutavaki
    mikro koutavakiМесяц назад

    this song still giving me thrills I love his voice

  • Ana Luiza Lima Alves
    Ana Luiza Lima AlvesМесяц назад

    anyone here at 2021? ;)

  • Pretty_girl
    Pretty_girlМесяц назад

    This is the first time in my life that I have worshiped so much a human angel....🥺♥️

  • Sai Boddapati
    Sai BoddapatiМесяц назад

    2:47 is the best part

  • Clara Vilela
    Clara VilelaМесяц назад

    o cara cantar assim eh palhaçada

  • Júlia Morais
    Júlia MoraisМесяц назад

    essa música = tudo pra mim

  • Júlia Morais
    Júlia MoraisМесяц назад


  • Júlia Morais
    Júlia MoraisМесяц назад

    lindo perfeito maravilhoso

  • Sofía Flores
    Sofía FloresМесяц назад

    Amo tus gallitos 👌❤

  • Moody Music
    Moody MusicМесяц назад

    People Watching This Like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments

  • Khairunnisa Sam
    Khairunnisa SamМесяц назад


  • ig-patriik.h
    ig-patriik.hМесяц назад

    3:12 you’re welcome ❤️❤️🌹🌹

  • andreea carnaru
    andreea carnaruМесяц назад

    l love you so much....!!!!💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💟💕💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💞💖💞💖💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💖💞💖💞💖💞💕💞💖💞💖💞💕💞💕💞💖💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💖💞💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💞💕💞💕💗💕💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💞💕💗💕💗💕💞💕💗💕💟💕💟💕💕❣💕💞💕❣💕❣💕💗💕💗💕💕💗💕💗💕❣💕💗💖💖💗💖💗💕💗💕💗💖💕💗💕💟💕💗💕💟💖💗💕❣💕❣💕❣💕💟💖💟💖💖❣💕💟💕💞💕💞💕💗💕💟💕💟💕💗💕💗💕💕❣💕❣💕❣💕❣❣💕💕❣💖💕💖💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💞💕❣💕❣💕❣💕❣💕❣💕❣💕💕💟💕❣💖❣💕❣💕💟💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💖💟💖💟💖💟💕💗💕💟💖💟💖💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💖💕💗💖💟💖💟💕💟💕💖💟💖❣💖💗💖💗💖💗💟💖❣💖💖❣💖💟💖💕💟💕💟💕💕💟💖💟💖

  • andreea carnaru
    andreea carnaruМесяц назад



    You're amazing Shawn Mandes, congratulations

  • Maitena Velazquez
    Maitena VelazquezМесяц назад

    i love you too much

  • Maitena Velazquez
    Maitena VelazquezМесяц назад

    te amo tanto

  • Pitmalischi Larisa
    Pitmalischi LarisaМесяц назад

    Beside WONDER the experience ,this MtV Unplugged are my favorites! He's voice is angelic,he looks so good and I'm so glad his hearts is where he so much longed....but without these years of longing and pain,these masterpieces wouldn't exist

  • karmen rakić
    karmen rakićМесяц назад


  • PandaMC
    PandaMCМесяц назад

    I still think this is his BEST live performance

  • Pitmalischi Larisa
    Pitmalischi LarisaМесяц назад

    How come I didn’t know about this masterpiece!?? It’s wonderful seeing him grow and becoming the icon he is made to be! True talent ❤️🔥

  • Dafne Thais Peña Martinez
    Dafne Thais Peña MartinezМесяц назад

    I can't with this is perfect!!!

  • ayelen Guanco
    ayelen GuancoМесяц назад

    Estaba estudiando en la noche y siempre pongo tele para tenerlo de fondo y no sentirme sola, así que puse mtv y estaba cantando el, me enamoro y de hay no lo dejo de escuchar me encanta ❤️

  • hey Ƭhere!!
    hey Ƭhere!!Месяц назад


  • Deana Perera
    Deana PereraМесяц назад

    Please do a re-record for this thisss😭♥️

  • Dulce Melissa
    Dulce MelissaМесяц назад

    Omg, Shawn is awesome 🥰❤️

  • dian rubianti
    dian rubiantiМесяц назад

    the composer of this song melody is Dian Rubianti myself.. theme song from Dian Rubianti myself.. "bad reputation" by Shawn Mendes.. never been sold! still mine! orisinil version.. (the way melody singing)representing the feel of the melody and the way it was sung in creating process this song melody by myself as the only one composer of this song melody.. x

  • pain killers
    pain killersМесяц назад

    I think these song is very relatable for 13 reasons why

  • Nicole Ziabkina Year 5
    Nicole Ziabkina Year 5Месяц назад

    Shawn Mendes is amazing. I really like this song.

  • Martha Vianney
    Martha VianneyМесяц назад

    Favorite all the time ♥

  • Isaac Dbx
    Isaac DbxМесяц назад

    2021? :o

  • Dathot Wonho
    Dathot WonhoМесяц назад

    I miss old Shawn 😭

  • hey Ƭhere!!

    hey Ƭhere!!

    Месяц назад


  • azkia valleya
    azkia valleyaМесяц назад


  • Leticia Lopes
    Leticia LopesМесяц назад

    I Love you Shawn Mendes 😍😍💖

  • Yaneth Gomero
    Yaneth GomeroМесяц назад

    So this song also talks about camila? Does she have a bad reputation?

  • martina siri
    martina siriМесяц назад

    todo el video esperando el minuto 4:17

  • Iasmin Sousa
    Iasmin SousaМесяц назад


  • Kefren Medina
    Kefren Medina2 месяца назад

    2021 y aun no supero esta presentación!♥

  • Bubbly
    Bubbly2 месяца назад

    4:06 omg please stop

  • Bubbly
    Bubbly2 месяца назад

    Ok, if every song was about Camila, is this one about her too??

  • Christine Moreno
    Christine Moreno2 месяца назад

    2021 and I still come back to watch this ✨masterpiece✨

  • Pedro Corrêa
    Pedro Corrêa2 месяца назад

    Lary, eu te amo

  • Roa
    Roa2 месяца назад

    this is one of the BEST performance Shawn has ever done

  • Snigdha Singh
    Snigdha Singh2 месяца назад

    Bad Reputation by Shawn Mendes Lyrics... Well true MendesArmy doesn't need 'em

  • You got no jams
    You got no jams2 месяца назад

    chills. i've never heard the song before but i'm watching these mtv unplugged performances after hearing that bts will be on and wow, this was breathtaking 😍

  • lovLJ
    lovLJ2 месяца назад

    I used to always watch this I’m just now realizing that the crowd is also singing

  • Maddie ;;
    Maddie ;;2 месяца назад

    2021 y sigo sin superar tremenda presentación

  • Federica De Paolis
    Federica De Paolis2 месяца назад

    I- wordless.

  • Drea Kumar
    Drea Kumar2 месяца назад

    His voice is like an angel! But guys, you got to appreciate the amazing band! You guys killed it! The way the violin sound incredible and how they are all in time. its amazing guys. I am part of the band and kinda use to getting ignored, but bro, I am sure so many people saw you guys. Congrats and well done. :)

  • Marie Samba
    Marie Samba2 месяца назад

    Can someone help me retrieve what the piano intro sounds like? It's killing me

  • Sreyminh Pov
    Sreyminh Pov2 месяца назад

    Love this Shawn❤

  • Grace Hung
    Grace Hung2 месяца назад

    A masterpiece, goosebumps all over

  • Maria Moysiadou
    Maria Moysiadou2 месяца назад


  • Jairo Belizario
    Jairo Belizario2 месяца назад


  • Arii Arii
    Arii Arii2 месяца назад

    One of Shawn Mendes' BEST performances

  • Arii Arii
    Arii Arii2 месяца назад

    You can really see how far Shawn has come he has grown into an amazing and mature person/artist❤

  • Nico Durand
    Nico Durand2 месяца назад

  • Ramon Salvador Veyna
    Ramon Salvador Veyna2 месяца назад

    Este es un Rolón Banda!. Alguien que hable español? :v

  • Hams Gamal
    Hams Gamal2 месяца назад

    I don't need a boyfriend, i just need to see Shawn Mendes live.

  • darija kivac
    darija kivac2 месяца назад

    I just LOOOOVE this song....performance is incredible....every person that took part in it.....GREAT JOB.....

  • Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi2 месяца назад

    This song doesn't seem like the one I'd use to assassinate Frank D'amico's henchmen

  • Idontknowwhattomakemtname
    Idontknowwhattomakemtname2 месяца назад

    watching this literally makes me cry. i can’t explain how much i want to see him in person

  • IndyyGamer
    IndyyGamer2 месяца назад

    I love you so much ♥️ but please stop fucking puting the i button after every 5 seconds , it ruins the experience , love u again :')

  • Ms. Bubblegum
    Ms. Bubblegum2 месяца назад

    We all know who hes talking about 🗿✨

  • Kesia Dantas
    Kesia Dantas3 месяца назад

    Única brasileira aqui será? Amo essa música 💕

  • Kary Liberato
    Kary Liberato3 месяца назад

    2021 "Trust me i can be the one that treat you like a lady" i really felt it!

  • Ferdinand M. Paguyo
    Ferdinand M. Paguyo3 месяца назад

    Look who's here, got a long way home, but still, I'm here to rewatch this cozy performance of him. Omg, it's already 2021. I think I blip, lmao.

  • Asmaa KHALIDY
    Asmaa KHALIDY3 месяца назад

    Hhh, I can't believe what i am about to say: " I love you boy, wish u all the best ♥️!"

  • Soumya Jahagirdar
    Soumya Jahagirdar3 месяца назад

    i have listened to this version more than thousand times!

  • aylin
    aylin3 месяца назад

  • Jasna Otasevic
    Jasna Otasevic3 месяца назад


  • ilm
    ilm3 месяца назад

    been three years and i keep coming back

  • Nathan Cosgrove
    Nathan Cosgrove3 месяца назад

    The Shawn Mendes Bridge is a thing......

  • Mert Eren
    Mert Eren3 месяца назад

    omg what is this