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  • Eric Rerrud11
    Eric Rerrud1121 час назад

    Too bad we never got to see him in an elite league. He might’ve been one of the best ever had he gotten the opportunity to prove himself against legit competition

  • LURIS gaming
    LURIS gaming22 часа назад

    No where in any football channel . . . . Bundesliga official- adminho is famous than any bundesliga player

  • BLADE Jakeson
    BLADE Jakeson22 часа назад

    Inesta xavi messi or busquets or fabergas

  • NNĐM Oks
    NNĐM Oks22 часа назад

    i love it

  • Sumeet Chand
    Sumeet Chand22 часа назад

    Is he Danny Da Costa Who is consoling Jonas Hector and Timo Horn? He really won everybody's heart including mine as well 😃 Great Gesture 👍

  • Daniel Chojnowski
    Daniel Chojnowski22 часа назад


  • عبدالرحمن
    عبدالرحمن22 часа назад

    Hi, I am Abdalrhman saleh from Iraq, I am 16 years old and my biggest dream is to play with you I am a very good player and I hope you give me a chance playing with you

  • kenell pets
    kenell pets22 часа назад

    Grande capo

  • Hardik Patel
    Hardik Patel22 часа назад

    It sure does that would be something just brilliant if everyone would do that it was like the ajax players when fell to the ground against tottenham in 2019

  • Colin Donahue
    Colin Donahue23 часа назад

    I think about this goal alot

  • bryan campbell
    bryan campbell23 часа назад

    leon bailey is one