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Welcome To British Vogue

Welcome To British Vogue


  • Chrome Energy Drink
    Chrome Energy Drink9 часов назад

    What a perfect answer, I’m most proud of seeing others smile through my hard work, definitely rate AJ even higher after watching this great interview

  • fawdex qadcgb
    fawdex qadcgb9 часов назад

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    CHOTO GAMERZ9 часов назад

    Malala 😡😡😡

  • Madelaine Robinson
    Madelaine Robinson9 часов назад

    As a young adult- I cannot thank you enough for teaching me more than my own high school!

  • d_101
    d_10111 часов назад

    Claire should join Instagram

  • Madisen Steyn
    Madisen Steyn12 часов назад

    i have literally never heard her voice omg its so calming

  • B M
    B M12 часов назад

    How is it dinner when there is sun outside. Its prolly lunch

  • Taylor Osborne
    Taylor Osborne13 часов назад

    Everyone should want to be like AJ

  • Dnav Fejiro Pyro
    Dnav Fejiro Pyro13 часов назад

    Y is everyone trying to match make these two? ☝️😏😏

    MJ SHUFFLE13 часов назад

    She is so pretty and cute

  • en. fieq
    en. fieq14 часов назад

    Her personality is so lovable..

  • Cham
    Cham14 часов назад

    I already feel healthy just watching this video tbh

  • Kathleen Wilkins
    Kathleen Wilkins14 часов назад

    Bad hair day

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee14 часов назад

    5:00 exact reaction he was hoping for i bet 😭

  • kay saladd
    kay saladd14 часов назад

    Does anybody know the music that was used in the video? It was everything setting the vibe!

  • Blue Peter
    Blue Peter15 часов назад

    I love this guy. His so!!! cute!!!! So real and easy going..

  • Indy M
    Indy M15 часов назад

    Misogynistic language.....she is vile

  • Shamiah Bass
    Shamiah Bass17 часов назад

    That's literally me. I literally can play The Sims all day.

  • Know Body
    Know Body17 часов назад

    Stay Blessed AJ

  • Avril Ashley
    Avril Ashley17 часов назад

    One of my style icon

  • Brett K
    Brett K17 часов назад

    I would do anything to be your friend and just do silly things together, to laugh together, to cry together and just be real with someone.

  • Hello World
    Hello World18 часов назад

    Love how honest this is

  • The Zara Diaries
    The Zara Diaries18 часов назад

    She's so beautiful! I can't help but stare at her eyes and her smile. 😍

  • Lisa Pichler
    Lisa Pichler18 часов назад

    Ly Billie 🤍✨

  • mfhsg m
    mfhsg m18 часов назад

    I love her!

  • Omprakash Soni Advocate Soni
    Omprakash Soni Advocate Soni19 часов назад


  • kieran 8
    kieran 819 часов назад

    wonder what car he has

  • Dylan Brown Jr
    Dylan Brown Jr20 часов назад

    British accent 🔥🔥✅

  • Anesu Mudzingwa
    Anesu Mudzingwa20 часов назад

    Her feet are unmatched 😔

    Dr ELUMALAI21 час назад

    I will date emma Watson on 2026

  • mokai1618
    mokai161821 час назад

    This was incredible. Thank you. 💖

  • Carmela Regina
    Carmela Regina21 час назад

    I love this house 😭

  • Maibam Bindya
    Maibam Bindya21 час назад

    Such a wonderful interview, both the host and the guest. ❤️❤️❤️

  • taylor bower
    taylor bower22 часа назад

    F u.

  • Ömer Can
    Ömer Can22 часа назад

    Angelinajolie jolie

  • Tony Bellew
    Tony Bellew22 часа назад

    5:21 ‘nines hard’... keep it professional u street gyal!

  • Priya Madhavan
    Priya Madhavan23 часа назад

    She still looks like the same old Hermione Granger

  • Divya Sasidharan
    Divya Sasidharan23 часа назад

    Zouis is killing it in this shoot specially the suit part !!! They both chefs kiss

  • Lyn Cacha
    Lyn Cacha23 часа назад

    Love how personal the wardrobe tour went...

  • Madeline Kouassi
    Madeline KouassiДень назад

    She uses guidance to glow !!

  • Mike
    MikeДень назад

    Gyal needs a steak!

  • Kong Yum.
    Kong Yum.День назад

    Modern culture is so fkn lame.

  • Flight In June
    Flight In JuneДень назад

    I see you wanted to ask me!! I’m a rap legend!! I’m a music legend!!

  • Ngabu Nkisi29
    Ngabu Nkisi29День назад

    This is just a date on camera ...hum AJ should Mary her

  • Keeshia Gaviola
    Keeshia GaviolaДень назад

    After this, everyone else's in my bag just seems so contrived. 😅

  • Dark Killer
    Dark KillerДень назад

    Cute nebula

  • Anna Colt
    Anna ColtДень назад

    As an American, I love the way she says vitamin 😂

  • Olivier Hauata
    Olivier HauataДень назад

    Trop cool.(!)

  • The Wedge
    The WedgeДень назад

    He's so boring and dull. They need to get Tyson FUry in there.

  • Gloria Reylan
    Gloria ReylanДень назад

    I have superhero brows naturally but like to do them thin and high arched like Darya Goncharova. Good for gothic makeup. Style your brows however you like. The most important thing is that you are happy with them. 👍

  • Salma sima45
    Salma sima45День назад

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    Salma sima45День назад

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  • mrvideouploads1
    mrvideouploads1День назад

    they will be a power couple

  • PM
    PMДень назад

    Gosh these 2 need to get together, they would look so beautiful together.

  • Tod Dot
    Tod Dot17 часов назад

    shes a single mum, AJ dont need to be raising another mans kids

  • Alyss Kennedy
    Alyss KennedyДень назад

    TIM BURTON! Like what??!

  • shokoohi123
    shokoohi123День назад

    All hail the king

  • thedcfacebeater
    thedcfacebeaterДень назад

    Always timeless

  • thoughts
    thoughtsДень назад

    This was really brilliant. Love the bits about rejection!

  • ioan
    ioanДень назад

    AJ such a nice, humble guy. I hope he ends up undisputed. I think that these two should get it on. What a nice couple they would make.

  • Lauryn
    LaurynДень назад

    They are adorable together.

  • Lauryn
    LaurynДень назад

    Anthony Joshua is so freaking perfect,it almost hurts to look at him lol.

  • Bam Bam Boxing
    Bam Bam BoxingДень назад

    AJ has been trained, managed and promoted by white men! Represented Team GB AT OLYMPICS, He should be saying black lives obviously matter, IN ENGLAND look at me. WE CAN'T HELP AMERICAN PROBLEMS, BIG VAST COUNTRY.

  • Bam Bam Boxing
    Bam Bam BoxingДень назад


  • Bam Bam Boxing
    Bam Bam BoxingДень назад


  • Zefiro C
    Zefiro CДень назад

    Is she high?

  • Guava Chiffon & The Cosmetix
    Guava Chiffon & The CosmetixДень назад

    Yas Queen!! ✨💖✨ love love love these kids. Bravo/ ROCK ON

  • Aurélia Joy Pae
    Aurélia Joy PaeДень назад

    I almost fall asleep. Kourtney's monotonous voice is torture. I love Miranda Kerr but sorry, it's so bougie

  • Oh My Foodie God
    Oh My Foodie GodДень назад

    What she know about eating she is that thin it’s worrying

  • Panda McRoberts
    Panda McRobertsДень назад


  • Astrid Barillas
    Astrid BarillasДень назад

    Kourtney you're so beautiful ❤️my favorite and most interesting to look at Kardashian

  • WXRTH -
    WXRTH -День назад

    If Joshua thinks the kids are gonna be smarted because of A.I (which lets be honest, is basically making people brain dead) and Crypto, i don't think he really understands what he's saying.

  • Craig Davis
    Craig DavisДень назад

    It’s not plastic surgery, it’s pure beauty. And I love her 🤟

  • Elisavet Sakellaropoulou
    Elisavet SakellaropoulouДень назад

    this many ppl like Billie's close-up camera shoot. 👇🏻

  • Hardworking
    HardworkingДень назад


  • Hardworking
    HardworkingДень назад


  • natasha dangol
    natasha dangolДень назад

    Does anyone know if Burberry still makes that bag?

  • Su_1480
    Su_1480День назад

    Sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous 🤣

  • Junior Cobblah
    Junior CobblahДень назад

    *Just make it happen guys. This is a black power couple if I’ve ever seen one!*

  • Tony Bellew
    Tony Bellew22 часа назад


  • Lauryn
    LaurynДень назад


  • Mohammed Waqas
    Mohammed WaqasДень назад

    Thr is no god but only Allah ☝🏼